Untold Story of the United States Set For Mid-October

Warner Home Video has announced The Untold Story of the United states for Blu-ray release on October 15. The series originally aired on Showtime and it was directed by Oliver Stone. The Blu-ray release will include all 10 episodes of the series plus 2 unaired episodes. Here’s the full episode list and the supplements included:

Disc 1
Chapter 1: World War II
Chapter 2: Roosevelt, Truman & Wallace
Chapter 3: The Bomb

Disc 2
Chapter 4: The Cold War 1945-1950
Chapter 5: The ’50s: Eisenhower, The Bomb & The Third World
Chapter 6: JFK: To The Brink
Chapter 7: Johnson, Nixon & Vietnam: Reversal of Fortune

Disc 3
Chapter 8: Reagan, Gorbachev & Third World – Rise of the Right
Chapter 9: George H.W. Bush & Clinton: Squandered Peace – New World Order
Chapter 10: George W. Bush & Obama: Age Of Terror

Disc Features

  • Prologue – Chapter A: World War I, The Russian Revolution, & Woodrow Wilson: Roots of Empire
  • Prologue – Chapter B: 1920–1940: Roosevelt, Hitler, and Stalin: The Battle Of Ideas
  • Bonus Documentary: A Conversation with History: Tariq Ali And Oliver Stone