Ninja Week ’14 Coming to an End

It’s been over week since our fifth year anniversary festivities started known as Ninja Week, giving an opportunity to all members to win prizes, but as all good things that start they also have to end. This was the biggest Ninja Week in our short 5 year history and to celebrate its culmination, we are ending with a bang by announcing the winners of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Without a doubt we are debt to all the members that have come and gone and to those that fill that boards to contribute on a daily basis. This Ninja Week couldn’t have as successful as it was without your help, so we thank everyone that participated each and every day in the giveaway. Special thanks to those that donated items and worked around the clock to facilitate Ninja Week. Also, thanks to the donations from Sideshow Collectibles, Zavvi, Steelbook, and the many more contributors that made it all possible to give away great gifts!

You can still visit the Ninja Week forum and see what is still being given away last minute!