Harold Ramis Passes Away at Age 69

Chances are, if you say the name ‘Harold Ramis’ to someone of today’s generation, they’d be clueless. If you ask them who they’re gonna call, though, there’s an excellent chance that they’ll respond with an ecstatic, “Ghostbusters!”

That just proves Ramis’ genius. He stayed out of the paparazzi spotlight, but the creations that he brought to the big screen — whether it was GHOSTBUSTERS, CADDYSHACK, GROUNDHOG DAY, ANALYZE THIS, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE and VACATION, etc. — are endlessly beloved from generation to generation. Not only was Ramis a funny actor, but he was a brilliant director. He was just one talented individual.

Sadly, the world lost Harold Ramis today at the age of 69. After a four-year-long battle with auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis, Ramis finally succumbed to his disease after unknown complications.

I grew up with a weekly dose of “Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good,” so to see one of my childhood heroes suddenly pass away — it’s actually painful. Yes, I never knew Mr. Ramis, but his work (especially as Egon Spengler in GHOSTBUSTERS) was a massive part of my childhood and helped me grow into the person that I am today.

Survived by his wife Erica and their children and grand-children, Ramis will certainly be missed by the masses.

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R.I.P. Harold


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