This Week in Comics for 3/26/14

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This Week in Comics!
The list icludes the regular releases, different variant covers, Graphic Novels, Trade Paper Backs, Hardcovers, and Softcovers. Let us know if there is a title we missed, enjoy!

This is a release guide and availability may vary by retailer so check with your local shop for more accurate pricing.

GN – Graphic Novel
HC – Hard Cover
SC – Soft Cover
TPB – Trade Paper

Adventure Time A Totally Math Poster Collection SC

Antarctic Press
Gold Digger Gold Brick III Reminted Edition TPB
Ninja High School #176


Archie Comic Publications, Inc image of "Archie" characters
Best Of Archie Comics Betty And Veronica Volume 1 TPB

Aspen Comics
Bubblegun #5 (Of 5)
-Cover A Mike Bowden
-Cover B Mirka Andolfo

Avatar Press
Crossed Badlands #50
-Christian Zanier Red Crossed Incentive Cover
-Christian Zanier Regular Cover
-Christian Zanier Torture Cover
-Christian Zanier Wraparound Cover
-Jacen Burrows Amazons Cover
-Jacen Burrows Pure Art Incentive Cover
-Jacen Burrows True Romance Cover
-Matt Martin Fatal Fantasy Cover
-Matt Martin Mission Failure Cover
Crossed Special 2013 Volleyball 2-Cover Set
Extinction Parade #1 Army Of Bloodlines Blades 3-Book Set
Night Of The Living Dead Day Of The Undead GN
-Matt Martin Sketch Cover
Uber Special #1
-Caanan White Blitzkrieg Incentive Cover
-Caanan White Regular Cover
-Caanan White Wraparound Cover
-Michael Dipascale Propaganda Poster Cover
Uber Volume 1 TPB


BigDogInk Logo
Critter #19
-Cover A Fico Ossio
-Cover B Jenevieve Broomall
Knightingail Volume 2 Shadow Divisions TPB
Penny For Your Soul Death #6 (Of 7)
-Cover A J.B. Neto
-Cover B Jenevieve Broomall

Black Mask Comics
Occupy Comics TPB


bongo comics logo
Simpsons Illustrated #10


boom logo
Adventure Time #10
-Chris Houghton 2nd Printing Connecting Variant Cover
Adventure Time #11
-Chris Houghton 2nd Printing Connecting Variant Cover
Adventure Time #12
-Chris Houghton 2nd Printing Connecting Variant Cover
Adventure Time #7
-Chris Houghton 2nd Printing Connecting Variant Cover
Adventure Time #8
-Chris Houghton 2nd Printing Connecting Variant Cover
Adventure Time #9
-Chris Houghton 2nd Printing Connecting Variant Cover
Bravest Warriors #18
-Cover A Tyson Hesse
-Cover B Hamish Steele
-Cover C Jason Adams
-Cover D Tad Lambert
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser The Dark Watch Volume 2 TPB
Fanboys Vs Zombies Volume 4 TPB
Hacktivist #3 (Of 4)
-Cover A Marcus To
Midas Flesh #4 (Of 8)
-Cover A John Keogh
-Cover B Sam Bosma
Regular Show #11
-Cover A Andy Hirsch
-Cover B Jon Morris
-Cover C Andrew Greenstone
-Cover D Laura Muller

Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #85

Alpha Volume 3 The List GN
Iznogoud Volume 4 Iznogoud And The Magic Computer GN,
Iznogoud Volume 5 A Carrot For Iznogoud GN
Pandora Box Volume 1 Pride GN
Pandora Box Volume 2 Sloth GN
Scorpion Volume 6 The Angel’s Shadow GN
Scorpion Volume 7 The Mask Of Truth GN
Spooks Volume 4 The 46th State GN
Wayne Shelton Volume 2 The Betrayal GN

Comic Shop News
Comic Shop News #1397


dark horse comics logo
Adventures Of Nilson Groundthumper And Hermy HC
B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #1
-$1 Edition
Blackout #1 (Of 4)
-Micah Kaneshiro Regular Cover
-Paolo Rivera Variant Cover
Bloodhound Crowbar Medicine #5 (Of 5)
Captain Midnight #9
Elfquest The Final Quest #2
Empowered Special #6 – Internal Medicine
Fear Agent Library Edition Volume 2 HC
Furious #3 (Of 5)
Halo Escalation #4
King Conan The Conqueror #2 (Of 6)
Light Brigade HC
Mass Effect Foundation #9
Massive #21
Mind MGMT #20
Pariah #2 (Of 8)
Serenity Leaves On The Wind #3 (Of 6)
-Dan Dos Santos Regular Cover
-Georges Jeanty Variant Cover
Star Wars Legacy II #13
Tomb Raider #2
Vandroid #2 (Of 5)

Dark Horse Collectibles
Big Bang Theory Stress Doll Howard Wolowitz – $9.99
Big Bang Theory Stress Doll Leonard Hofstadter – $9.99
Big Bang Theory Stress Doll Penny – $9.99
Big Bang Theory Stress Doll Rajesh Koothrappali – $9.99
Big Bang Theory Stress Doll Sheldon Cooper – $9.99
Game Of Thrones Khal Drogo Figure – $24.99
Game Of Thrones Ned Stark Figure – $24.99
Game Of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Figure – $24.99


dc comics logo
Adventures Of Superman #11
-DC Collectibles Variant Cover
-Neil Edwards & Scott Hanna Regular Cover
All-Star Western #29
American Vampire Volume 5 TPB
American Vampire Volume 6 HC
Aquaman #29
-Paul Pelletier & Sean Parsons Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Batman The Dark Knight #29
Batwoman Volume 3 World’s Finest TPB
Batwoman Volume 4 This Blood Is Thick HC
Beware The Batman #6
Catwoman #29
Catwoman Volume 3 Under Pressure TPB
DC Universe Vs The Masters Of The Universe #6 (Of 6)
Dead Boy Detectives #4
Fables #139
Flash #29
-Pasqual Ferry Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S. #6 (Of 6)
-Mikel Janin Black & White Variant Cover
-Mikel Janin Regular Cover
Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #6 (Of 6)
-Declan Shalvey Black & White Variant Cover
-Declan Shalvey Regular Cover
Harley Quinn #0
-Amanda Conner 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Harley Quinn #1
-Amanda Conner 3rd Printing Variant Cover
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #11
Injustice Year Two #3
Justice League Dark #29
-Mikel Janin Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Larfleeze #9
Red Lanterns #29
Sandman Overture #2 (Of 6)
-Cover A J.H. Williams III
-Cover B By Dave McKean
-Dave McKean Variant Cover
-J.H. Williams III Combo Pack Cover
-J.H. Williams III Variant Cover
Showcase Presents Men Of War TPB
Suicide Squad Amanda Waller #1
-One Shot
Superman #29
-Ed Benes Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Superman Earth One Volume 2 TPB
Talon #17
Teen Titans #29
-Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Wake #7 (Of 10)
Worlds’ Finest #21

Diamond Publicatiopns
Game Trade Magazine #170
Previews #307
-April 2014

Digital Manga Publications
Castle Mango Volume 2 GN


Ash And The Army Of Darkness Annual 2014
-Dennis Calero Regular Cover
Dejah Thoris And The Green Men Of Mars #12 (Of 12)
-Carlos Rafael Risque Variant Cover
-Jay Anacleto Regular Cover
-Jay Anacleto Subscription Variant Cover
Doc Savage #4
-Alex Ross Regular Cover
-John Cassaday VIP Cover
Double Dejah Dynamic Forces 2-Pack (Dynamic Forces
Garth Ennis’ Red Team Volume 1 Season One TPB
George R.R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones #19
-Mike S. Miller Regular Cover
Legends Of Red Sonja #5 (Of 5)
-Frank Thorne Subscription Variant Cover
-Jay Anacleto Regular Cover
My Little Phoney A Brony Adventure #1 – One Shot
-Cover A Tim Seeley
-Cover B Ken Haeser
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #37
-Fabiano Neves Regular Cover
-Jay Anacleto Regular Cover
-Mel Rubi Risque Variant Cover

Eaglemoss Publications
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #27
-Legends Of The Dark Knight #156
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #28
-Detective Comics #122
Marvel Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #2
-Iron Man White Bishop
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #10
-Borg Sphere
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #11
-U.S.S. Reliant Miranda Class

Fantagraphic Books
Batter Up Charlie Brown HC
Maggie The Mechanic Locas Volume 1 TPB

First Second
Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza HC
Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza SC
Undertaking Of Lily Chen GN

Horrorhound #46

Humanoids Publishing
Leo Roa HC
Metabarons Genesis Castaka Deluxe HC


idw comics logo
Batman The Silver Age Newspaper Comics Volume 1 1966-1967 HC
Calico Horses And The Patchwork Trail TPB
Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy Volume 16 HC
Device Volume 3 Traveling Device TPB
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #200
-Cover A S.L. Gallant
-Cover B Herb Trimpe
-Cover RI-A Larry Hama
-Cover RI-B Herb Trimpe
-Cover SUB Robert Atkins
Ghostbusters #14
-Cover A Dan Schoening
-Cover RI Roberto Goiriz
-Cover SUB Andy Belanger
Ghostbusters Total Containment Over-Sized HC
Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #10
-Cover A Matt Frank
-Cover RI Jeff Zornow
Legends Of Oz Dorothy’s Return TPB
Popeye The Classic Newspaper Comics By Bobby London Volume 1 1986-1989 HC
Rocky And Bullwinkle #1 (Of 4)
-Cover A Roger Langridge
-Cover SUB Stephanie Buscema
Star Slammers Re-Mastered #1 (Cover A Walter Simonson
Star Slammers Re-Mastered #1 (Cover SUB Walter Simonson
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures #9
-Cover A Dario Brizuela
-Cover RI Jon Sommariva
Transformers Dark Cybertron Finale #1 (Dark Cybertron Part 12 Of 12)
-Cover A Phil Jimenez
-Cover RI Phil Jimenez
-Cover SUB Casey W. Coller
Wraith Welcome To Christmasland #5 (Of 7)
-Cover A Charles P. Wilson III
-Cover SUB Francesco Francavilla
X-Files Conspiracy #2 (Of 2)
-Cover A Miran Kim
-Cover RI Joe Corroney
-Cover SUB Andrew Currie


image comics logo
Alex + Ada #5, $2.99
Black Science #1
-3rd Printing Variant Cover
Black Science #2
-3rd Printing Variant Cover
Bounce #11
Chew Volume 8 Family Recipes TPB
Dead Body Road #4 (Of 6)
Deadly Class #1
-3rd Printing Variant Cover)
Deadly Class #3
Fatale #21
Jan’s Atomic Heart And Other Stories GN
Krampus #4
Manhattan Projects #19
One-Hit Wonder #2 (Of 5)
Paul Pope Monsters And Titans Battling Boy On Tour TPB
Protectors Inc #5
-Cover A Gordon Purcell & Mike Atiyeh
-Cover B Alina Urusov
Rat Queens Volume 1 Sass And Sorcery TPB
Real Heroes #1
-Cover A Bryan Hitch
-Cover B Frank Cho
-Cover C David Finch
-Cover D Travis Charest
Revenge #1
-2nd Printing Variant Cover
Revenge #2
Satellite Sam #7
Sex #12
Sex Criminals #1
-6th Printing Variant Cover
Skullkickers #25
Think Tank Volume 3 TPB
Umbral #5
Walking Dead #124
Walking Dead Spanish Language Edition Volume 3 TPB

Insight Editions
Game Of Thrones A Pop-Up Guide To Westeros HC

Iron Circus Comics
Sleep Of Reason GN

Kodansha Comics
Fairy Tail Volume 36 GN


marvel comic logo
A+X #18, $3.99
All-New Ghost Rider #1
-Felipe Smith Vehicle Variant Cover
-Mike Delmundo Animal Variant Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
-Tradd Moore Regular Cover
-Tradd Moore Variant Cover
All-New X-Factor #5
Amazing X-Men #5
Avengers #27
-Dustin Weaver Variant Cover
-Mike Deodata Regular Cover
Avengers Assemble #25
Brilliant #5
Cable And X-Force Volume 4 Vendettas TPB
Captain America Homecoming #1
Daredevil End Of Days TPB
Deadpool #26
-Howard Chaykin Variant Cover
-Mike Perkins Captain America Team-Up Variant Cover
-Phil Noto Regular Cover
Fantomex MAX TPB
George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Act One #3 (Of 5)
-Alex Maleev Regular Cover
-Arthur Suydam NYC Variant Cover
Guardians Of The Galaxy #13
-Dale Keown Variant Cover
-Sara Pichelli Regular Cover
Hawkeye #18
Indestructible Hulk #20
Iron Patriot #1
-Garry Brown Regular Cover
-Mike Perkins Variant Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
Marvel Knights X-Men #5 (Of 5)
Marvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid Volume 1 TPB
Marvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid Volume 1 TPB
-Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 63
Marvel Previews #128
-Sale items June 2014
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #24
Miracleman #4
-Alan Davis Regular Cover
-Bryan Hitch Variant Cover
-Gerald Parel Variant Cover
Miracleman #4 (John Tyler Christopher Variant Cover
New Avengers #16.NOW
-Mike Deodato Regular Cover
-Rags Morales Variant Cover
Origin II #4 (Of 5)
Revolutionary War Omega #1
-Jamie McKelvie Variant Cover
-Mark Brooks Regular Cover
Savage Wolverine #16
-John Cassaday Artist Variant Cover
-Richard J. Isanove Regular Cover
Silver Surfer #1
-Chris Samnee Artist Variant Cover
-Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover
-Michael Allred Regular Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW
-Giuseppe Camuncoli 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Superior Spider-Man #30
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #11
Survive #1
-Joe Quinones Variant Cover
-Olivier Coipel Regular Cover
Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW
-Daniel Acuna Regular Cover
-In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover
-Katie Cook Animal Variant Cover
-Lee Weeks Captain America Team-Up Variant Cover
Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW
-Rob Guillory Deadpool Variant Cover
Uncanny Avengers Volume 3 Ragnarok Now HC
-Premiere Edition
Uncanny X-Force Volume 3 The Great Corruption TPB
Winter Soldier The Bitter March #1 (Of 5)
-Andrew Robinson 2nd Printing Cover
Wolverine By Jason Aaron The Complete Collection Volume 2 TPB


Bunker #2, $3.99
Helheim Volume 1 The Witch War TPB

OSSM Comics
Thaniel #1 (Of 4)

PYR Books
Barrow An Artesia Novel SC

ABC Warriors The Solo Missions GN
Judge Dredd Megazine #345

1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die HC
-Sale Edition

Running Press
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Book Kit SC
Harry Potter Lord Voldemort’s Wand With Sticker Kit SC

Seven Seas Entertainment
Dance In The Vampire Bund The Memories Of Sledge Hammer Volume 2 GN
Witch Buster Volume 5 TP (Books 9 & 10)

Square Fish
Anya’s Ghost GN


titan comics logo
Walking Dead The Official Magazine #8
-Newsstand Edition
-Previews Exclusive Edition

Tohan Corporation
Megami November 2013
Newtype November 2013

Top Shelf Producitons
Martin Luther King And The Montgomery Story
-One Shot


Valiant comics logo
Eternal Warrior #7
-Diego Bernard Regular Cover
-Lewis Larosa Variant Cover


Are You Alice Volume 4 GN
Bloody Brat A Blood Lad Anthology Volume 1 GN
Bloody Cross Volume 2 GN
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Volume 3 GN
Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Different Story Volume 1 GN
Soul Eater Volume 19 TPB
Sword Art Online Volume 1 Aincrad GN
Wolf Children Ame And Yuki Deluxe HC

Yumcha Studios
Dim Sum Warriors Volume 2 Feast Of Fury GN


zenoscope comics logo
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Quest #5 (Of 5)
-Cover A Emilio Laiso
-Cover B Alfredo Reyes
-Cover C Jamie Tyndall
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Clash Of Queens #2 (Of 5)
-Cover A Drew Edward Johnson
-Cover B Sheldon Goh), $3.99
-Cover C Johnny Desjardins), $3.99
-Cover D Richard Ortiz), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 15 TPB
Hit List TPB

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