The Pirate Fairy Blu-ray Review



Zarina (Christina Hendrix) was a dust-keeper fairy who had bigger aspirations. Misunderstood because of her desire to experiment with pixie dust, Zarina leave Pixie Hollow. Fast forward a year later, Zarina steals the blue dust forcing Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) and her friends to go on the chase in order to save Pixie Hollow. Tinker and friends discover that Zarina is now a pirate and is looking to show them how to fly.

The Tinker Bell series since its inception it has been steadily giving us solid releases. From the first release, the solid child friendly stories have been quite enjoyable and The Pirate Fairy is no different in that aspect. However, The Pirate Fairy has now set a on a slightly different course in the Neverland universe and timeline. The animators take us on a ride through very different locations and for better or worse introduce very familiar characters to the series.

The Pirate Fairy does one thing well and that is providing a child friendly story that offers something for everyone even adults. Yes, the comedy is not very consistent, but in terms of entertainment for children, it works very well. As previously mentioned the story brings in characters we’ve seen in Neverland, Captain Hook and well the good ol’ crocodile. Yes, we are seeing them in their early years in Neverland; this of course puts The Pirate Fairy on a timeline that will eventually lead to Peter Pan. I will note that the inclusion of Hook really feels out of place, the storyline didn’t quite meshed well together. It is not necessarily bad to see these characters; it just sets continuity on a different track than what it had established from the beginning. And now we are just waiting for the inevitable, Peter Pan’s arrival.



Animation has no doubt made strides in quality over the years and sometimes the same animators that released something last year tend to improve the next. This concept is applied to The Pirate Fairy because it simply looks fantastic from beginning to end. The colors are live and vivid; if anything colors are incredibly vibrant throughout the film. The image includes a high level of details all around the image. The picture is simply fantastic! In the two (2) viewings I did I was unable to detect any issues, but I did come out convinced that I had watched very good animation. The Pirate Fairy looks simply stunning.



The Pirate Fairy is the last animated film that I would have imagined with a 7.1 audio, but to my surprise it comes with a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. The fronts offer great prioritization of the dialogue. There is excellent directionality on the front speakers. The surrounds offer good support, but they are not very active throughout the film. Clearly, the track is designed to suit the needs of the picture and indeed it does, but a 5.1 track would have been more than sufficient in my opinion.



Second Star to the Right: The Legacy of Neverland (4:45) – The filmmakers talk about the film, the story, and everything else surrounding Pirate Fairy.

Croc-u-meter (4:45) – This is a quick documentary on crocodiles.

Deleted Scenes with Filmmaker Introductions

The Making of the Frigate That Flies (4:21) – Carlos Ponce and Tom Hiddleston talk about making the movie and doing the voice overs for the song piece “The Frigate That Flies.”

Animated Shorts – There are two shorts “Aargh!” (1:08) and “Treasure Chest” (1:30).

Sing Along Songs – There are two songs here “Who I Am” and “The Frigate That Flies”.



The Pirate Fairy continues to show viewers other parts of Neverland never seen before. The Pirate Fairy brings forth familiar faces that play a big role in the future that this series is aiming to reach. No doubt that it is great to see other parts of Neverland, but as a Peter Pan fan I hope the Tinker Bell series continues to explore further before arriving to a point where Peter is part of the story. With that being said the Blu-ray looks phenomenal and with a 7.1 track, who can complain? If you have young kids, The Pirate Fairy is a no brainer!