Django Unchained Steelbook Available at Target

Gentlemen you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!

Finally the Django SteelBook we’ve been waiting for! If you are still sitting on the fence about this SteelBook then you just might have a screw loose! Undoubtedly the best designed Django Unchained SteelBook released to date! This release featuring original poster art (front) comes with a gloss finish and looks absolutely stunning. The SteelBook is available at Target for the price of $10 currently, (an absolute steal!) so if you haven’t yet picked up a copy don’t wait long! Check the link below to take you straight to the listing and if you are still unsure, check out our preview video.

This release also has one of the best designed SteelBook spines in history. An absolute beauty on the shelf, and deserves to be a part of your collection! Available in Target stores nation wide. (check stock ; ymmv) or via the link below.

Django Unchained Blu-ray Steelbook @ Target