This Week In Comics ~ 11-19-14


This Week in Comics!
The list includes the regular releases, different variant covers, Graphic Novels, Trade Paper Backs, Hardcovers, and Softcovers. Let us know if there is a title we missed, enjoy!

This is a release guide and availability may vary by retailer so check with your local shop for more accurate pricing.

GN – Graphic Novel
HC – Hard Cover
SC – Soft Cover
TPB – Trade Paper


I.C.E. Critical Mass #1 (Of 4)
-Jason Pearson Black & White Variant Cover
-Jason Pearson Holder Variant Cover
-Jason Pearson Regular Cover

Sketching From The Imagination Fantasy SC

Labyrinthectomy Luncheonette – One Shot

Ninja High School Textbook Volume 1 TPB
-Class Reunion Edition
Victorian Secret Steam Queens #1


Archie Comic Publications, Inc image of "Archie" characters

Afterlife With Archie Magazine #2
Archie The Married Life Volume 6 TPB
Life With Archie #37
-Alex Ross Variant Cover
Mega Man #43
-Capcom Variant Cover
Mega Man #43
-Patrick Spaziante Regular Cover
Sonic The Hedgehog #266
-Rafa Knight Super Smash Variant Cover
Sonic Universe #70
-SEGA Variant Cover
-Tracy Yardley Regular Cover
World Of Archie Comics Digest #45

Crossed Badlands #66
-German Erramouspe Torture Cover
-German Erramouspe Wraparound Cover
-Michael DiPascale Fatal Fantasy Cover
-Michael DiPascale Red Crossed Incentive Cover
-Michael DiPascale Regular Cover
Dicks End Of Time #6
-John McCrea Classic Moment Incentive Cover
-John McCrea Offensive Cover
-John McCrea Regular Cover
George R.R. Martin’s In The House Of The Worm #4
-Ivan Rodriguez Regal Incentive Cover
-Ivan Rodriguez Regular Cover
-Ivan Rodriguez Wrapaound Cover
-Michael Dipascale Painted Cover
God Is Dead #24
-German Nobile Carnage Wraparound Cover
-Jacen Burrows End Of Days Cover
-Jacen Burrows Gilded Incentive Cover
-Jacen Burrows Iconic Cover
-Jacen Burrows Regular Cover

Doctor Who Tom Baker At 80 Audio CD

Dan Brereton Nocturnals Legend HC

Warhammer 40K Damnation Of Pythos TPB

Godkiller Walk Among Us #2
-Cover A Ben Templesmith
-Cover B Anna Muckracker Wieszczyk
Last Born #3


bongo comics logo

Futurama Comics #73
Simpsons Winter Wingding #9

Art Of Modesty Blaise SC


boom logo

Adventure Time Eye Candy Volume 1 HC
-Enchiridion Variant Cover
Bravest Warriors Paralyzed Horse Giant #1
-Cover A Tessa Stone
-Cover B Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Bestiary #4 (Of 6)
-Cover A Conor Nolan
-Cover B Daniele Serra
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Witches #3 (Of 4)
-Cover A Matthew Dow Smith
Last Broadcast #7 (Of 7)
-Cover A Gabriel Iumazark
Lumberjanes #8
-Cover A Noelle Stevenson
-Cover B Natalie Andrewson
Peanuts #23
-Cover A Charles M. Schulz
Protocol Orphans TPB
Regular Show #17
-Cover A Andy Hirsch
Regular Show #17
-Cover B Zack Hazard
-Cover C Cole Closser
Sleepy Hollow #2 (Of 4)
-Cover A Phil Noto
-Cover B Jorge Coelho
Sons Of Anarchy #15
-Cover A Toni Infante
Spera Ascension Of The Starless Volume 1 HC

Rocky Horror Picture Show TPB
-Revised Edition

Inside HBO’s Game Of Thrones Seasons 3 And 4 HC

Iznogoud Volume 11 Iznogoud And The Jigsaw Turk GN
Lucky Luke Volume 48 Dick Digger’s Gold Mine TPB
Wisher Volume 1 Nigel GN
XIII Mystery Volume 1 The Mongoose GN

Comic Shop News #1431

Zombie Tramp #4
-TMChu Regular Cover
-TMChu Risque Variant Cover


dark horse comics logo

Art Of Dragon Age Inquisition HC
Axe Cop Bad Guy Earth #1 – #1 For $1 Edition
B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #125, $3.50
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #9
-Rebekah Isaacs Variant Cover
-Steve Morris Regular Cover
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Volume 1 New Rules TPB
Criminal Macabre The Third Child #3 (Of 4)
Dark Horse Presents #4
Dishonored The Dunwall Archives HC
Mind MGMT Volume 4 The Magician HC
Predator Fire And Stone #2 (Of 4)
Sky The Art Of Final Fantasy Volume 3 HC
Strain The Night Eternal #4
Terminator Salvation The Final Battle #11 (Of 12)
Tomb Raider Volume 1 Season Of The Witch TPB


dc comics logo

Aquaman Volume 4 Death Of A King TPB
Aquaman Volume 5 Sea Of Storms HC
Astro City #17
Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet #6 (Of 6)
Batman ’66 The Lost Episode #1
-Alex Ross Regular Cover
-Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Joe Prado Variant Cover
Batman And Robin #36
-LEGO Variant Cover
-Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Regular Cover
Batman Detective Comics Volume 4 The Wrath TPB
Batman Detective Comics Volume 5 Gothtopia HC
Batman Eternal #33
Batman Superman #16
-Ardian Syaf & Danny Miki Combo Pack Cover
Batman Superman #16
-Ardian Syaf & Danny Miki Regular Cover
-Kevin Wada Variant Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover
Batwoman #36
Dust Covers The Collected Sandman Covers HC
-New Edition
Earth 2 World’s End #7
Fables #146
Fairest In All The Land TPB
Gotham Academy #1
-Karl Kerschl 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Grayson #1
-Andrew Robinson 3rd Printing Variant Cover
Green Lantern New Guardians #36
Harley Quinn #12
-Amanda Conner Regular Cover
-Amanda Conner Variant Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover
Infinite Crisis The Fight For The Multiverse #5
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three #4
Justice League #36
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Combo Pack Cover
-(Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Regular Cover
-Joshua Middleton Variant Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover), AR
Multiversity Pax Americana #1
-Frank Quitely Black & White Variant Cover
-Frank Quitely Regular Cover
-Grant Morrison Variant Cover
-Patrick Gleason Variant Cover
-Ryan Sook Variant Cover
New 52 Futures End #29
Red Hood And The Outlaws #36
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #4
Supergirl #36
-Emanuela Lupacchino Regular Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover
Superman Wonder Woman #13
-Doug Mahnke Combo Pack Cover
-Doug Mahnke Regular Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover
Teen Titans #4
-Kenneth Rocafort Regular Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover
Teen Titans A Celebration Of 50 Years HC
Teen Titans Earth One Volume 1 HC
Trinity Of Sin #2
-Cover A Guillem March
-Cully Hamner Variant Cover
Vampire Diaries TPB
Wonder Woman #36
-Blank Variant Cover
-David Finch & Richard Friend Regular Cover
-David Finch Black & White Variant Cover
-David Finch Variant Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover


DC collectibles logo

Batman Animated Series The New Batman Adventures Batman Action Figure from DC Direct
Batman Li’l Gotham Harley Quinn Mini Action Figure from DC Direct
Batman Li’l Gotham Robin Mini Action Figure from DC Direct
DC Comics Gotham City Garage Catwoman Statue from DC Direct

Game Trade Magazine #178

Syllabus Notes From An Accidental Professor SC



Army Of Darkness Ash Gets Hitched #4 (Of 4)
-Cover A Jae Lee
-Cover B Francesco Francavilla
-Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant Cover
-Jae Lee Black & White Variant Cover
-Lucio Parrillo Subscription Variant Cover
Bob’s Burgers #4
-Cover A Steve Umbleby
-Steve Umbleby Virgin Variant Cover
Dawn Vampirella #2 (Of 6)
-Joseph Michael Linser Black & White Variant Cover
-Joseph Michael Linser Red Variant Cover
-Joseph Michael Linser Regular Cover
-Joseph Michael Linser Pure Line Art Ladies Variant Cover
Evil Ernie #2
-Ardian Syaf Black & White Variant Cover
-Cover A Tim Seeley
-Cover B Ardian Syaf
-Cover C Kyle Strahm
-Tim Seeley Black & White Variant Cover
-Ken Haeser Variant Cover
-Andrew Magnum Variant Cover
Flash Gordon #3
-Marc Laming Black & White Variant Cover
Flash Gordon #4
-Marc Laming Black & White Variant Cover
Flash Gordon #5
-Marc Laming Black & White Variant Cover
Flash Gordon #6
-Marc Laming Black & White Variant Cover
John Carter Warlord Of Mars #1
-J. Scott Campbell Green Variant Cover
-J. Scott Campbell Red Variant Cover
-Roberto Castro Wraparound Variant Cover
Magnus Robot Fighter #8
-Cory Smith Black & White Variant Cover
-Cory Smith Subscription Variant Cover
-Gabriel Hardman Black & White Variant Cover
-Gabriel Hardman Regular Cover
Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet Volume 2 Birth Of A Villain TPB
Pathfinder Goblins HC
Purgatori #2
-Joyce Chin Virgin Variant Cover
Solar Man Of The Atom #7
-Jonathan Lau Black & White Variant Cover
-Jonathan Lau Subscription Variant Cover
-Juan Doe Regular Cover
-Juan Doe Virgin Variant Cover
Terminal Hero #4 (Cover A Jae Lee
Vampirella Feary Tales #2 (Of 5)
-Arthur Adams Black & White Variant Cover
-Arthur Adams Red Variant Cover
-Cover A Jay Anacleto
-Cover B Arthur Adams
-Cover C David Roach
-Jay Anacleto Black & White Variant Cover

Complete Zap Comix Hardcover Box Set
EC George Evans Aces High HC
Nancy Loves Sluggo Complete Dailies 1949-1951 TPB

Drawing Beautiful Women Frank Cho Method SC

Juxtapoz Hyperrealism HC

Juxtapoz #167
-December 2014


idw comics logo

Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War #6 (Of 6)
-Cover A Derek Charm
-Cover RI Dustin Nguyen
-Cover SUB Troy Little
Doberman #4 (Cover A Bernard Chang), $3.99
Dungeons And Dragons Legends Of Baldur’s Gate #2
-Cover A Sarah Stone
-Cover RI Tyler Jacobson
-Cover SUB Max Dunbar
Godzilla Cataclysm #4 (Of 5)
-Cover A Dave Wachter
-Cover SUB Bob Eggleton
Hammer Kelley Jones’ Complete Series HC
Last Fall #3 (Of 5)
-Cover A Casey Maloney
-Cover SUB Roger Robinson
Littlest Pet Shop Open For Business HC
Mars Attacks Deluxe Edition HC
-Trading Card Edition
Maxx Maxximized #13
-Cover A Sam Kieth
-Cover RI Sam Kieth
-Cover SUB Blank
My Little Pony Friends Forever Volume 2 TPB
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #25
-Cover A Andy Price
-Cover B Sara Richard
-Cover RI Andy Price
-Phantom Variant Cover
-Cover SUB Blank
October Faction #2
-Cover SUB Damien Worm
Popeye The Classic Newspaper Comics By Bobby London Volume 2 1989-1992 HC
Red Star Volume 1 HC
Rot And Ruin #3
-Cover A Alex Ronald
-Cover SUB Rob Sacchetto
Star Slammers Re-Mastered #8
-Cover A Walter Simonson
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends Soul’s Winter By Michael Zulli HC
Transformers Primacy #4 (Of 4)
-Cover A Livio Ramondelli
-Cover RI Andrew Griffith
-Cover SUB Sarah Stone
Transformers Robots In Disguise Volume 6 TPB
Winterworld #4
-Cover A Butch Guice
-Cover SUB Gerardo Zaffino
X-Files Season 10 Volume 3 HC


image comics logo

American Legends #3 (Of 5)
Bounce TPB
Casanova Volume 1 Luxuria The Complete Edition HC
Dead@17 Blasphemy Throne #4 (Of 7)
Deadly Class #9
Dream Merchant #6 (Of 6)
Goners #2
Intersect #1
-Cover A Ray Fawkes
-Cover B Jeff Lemire
Invincible #115
Lazarus Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HC
Morning Glories #42
Protectors Inc #10
-Cover A Gordon Purcell & Mike Atiyeh
-Cover B Ben Templesmith
PunkRockPaperScissors TPB
Revival #25
-Cover A Jenny Frison
-Cover B Francesco Francavilla
Saga Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HC
Sinergy #1
Thief Of Thieves #25
Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 5 HC
Wayward #2
-2nd Printing Variant Cover
Witchblade #179
-Cover A Laura Braga
-Cover B John Tyler Christopher
Zero #12

Assassin’s Creed Unity Abstergo Entertainment New Employee Handbook HC

Disney’s Frozen Cinestory Volume 1 GN

Attack On Titan The Beginning Box Set
Attack On Titan The Spinoff Collection Box Set
My Little Monster Volume 5 GN
Noragami Stray God Volume 2 GN

Annihilator #3 (Of 6)
Epochalypse #1

Little Shoppe Of Horrors #33



Amazing Spider-Man #10
-Gabriele Dell’Otto Variant Cover
-Olivier Coipel Marvel Animation Spider-Verse Variant Cover
-Olivier Coipel Regular Cover
Avengers #38
-Chip Zdarsky Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant Cover
-Simone Bianchi Regular Cover
Avengers And X-Men Axis #6 (Of 9)
-Esad Ribic Inversion Variant Cover
-Jim Cheung Regular Cover
-Valerio Schiti Young Guns Variant Cover
Avengers World #15
-Kalman Andrasofszky Regular Cover
-Sergio Aragones Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant Cover
Axis Carnage #2 (Of 3)
Axis Revolutions #2 (Of 4)
Black Widow #12
-John Tyler Christopher Variant Cover
-Phil Noto Regular Cover
Daredevil #10
Deadpool #37
-Mark Brooks Regular Cover
-Scott Koblish Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant Cover
Death Of Wolverine #3 (Of 4)
-Steve McNiven 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Death Of Wolverine The Weapon X Program #2 (Of 5)
Elektra #8
Fantastic Four #13
Guardians Of The Galaxy #21
-Dustin Nguyen Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant Cover
-Nick Bradshaw Regular Cover
Guardians Of The Galaxy By Abnett And Lanning The Complete Collection Volume 2 TPB
Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3 Guardians Disassembled HC
-Premiere Edition
Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #1 (Of 4)
-Mike Mayhew Variant Cover
Inhuman #8
Iron Fist The Living Weapon Volume 1 Rage TPB
Legendary Star-Lord #4
-Paco Medina 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Loki Agent Of Asgard #8
Magneto #12
Moon Knight #9
-Declan Shalvey Regular Cover
-Declan Shalvey Variant Cover
Ms. Marvel #1
-Sara Pichelli 7th Printing Variant Cover
New Avengers #26
-Francesco Francavilla Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant Cover
-Salvador Larroca Regular Cover
Powers Bureau #12
Punisher #12
Realm Of Kings TPB
Runaways The Complete Collection Volume 2 TPB
Silver Surfer Epic Collection Volume 1 When Calls Galactus TPB
Spider-Woman #1
-Blank Variant Cover
-Gary Choo Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant Cover
-Greg Land Regular Cover
-Milo Manara Variant Cover
-Siya Oyum Variant Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
Storm #5
Thor God Of Thunder Volume 4 The Last Days Of Midgard HC
-Premiere Edition
Uncanny X-Men #28
-Ariela Kristantina Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant Cover
-Kris Anka Regular Cover
Wolverine Volume 2 Three Months To Die Book 2 TPB
X-Force #12



Princess Ugg #5
Princess Ugg Volume 1 TPB

Dance Class Volumes 1-4 Box Set

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2015

Golden Ones Art Book Volume 2 HC

ACG Classics Collectors Pack Out Of The Night Slipcase Edition
Harvey Horrors Collectors Pack Black Cat Mystery Softie Slipcase
Harvey Horrors Collectors Pack Tomb Of Terror Softie Slipcase Edition
Roy Thomas Presents Sheena Queen Of The Jungle Bookshop Edition Volume 2 HC

Judge Dredd Megazine #353
Nikolai Dante Love A War GN

Aama Volume 2 The Invisible Throng GN

Devils And Realist Volume 3 GN
Dragonar Academy Volume 4 GN
Kokoro Connect Volume 2 GN
Monster Musume Volume 5 GN

Regis Loisel’s Peter Pan The Omnibus Edition HC

Assassin’s Creed Volume 5 El Cakr GN
James Bond Omnibus Volume 6 TPB


titan comics logo

13 Coins #2 (Of 6)
Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor #2
-Dave Taylor Regular Cover
-Photo Subscription Cover
-Photo Variant Cover
First Kingdom Volume 6 Destiny HC
Royal Blood HC

Hobby Japan #130
-October 2014

Alter Ego #129


Valiant comics logo

Punk Mambo #0
-Cover A Russell Dauterman
-Cover B Rian Hughes
-Kalman Andrasofszky Variant Cover
X-O Manowar #30
-Clayton Henry Character Design Variant Cover
-Cover A Clayton Henry
-Cover B Clayton Henry
-Rafa Sandoval Variant Cover
-Raul Allen Variant Cover

Prophecy Volume 1 GN


viz media logo

Asura Girl Novel SC
Gangsta Volume 4 GN
Ooku The Inner Chambers Volume 10 GN
Real Volume 13 GN
Resident Evil The Marhawa Desire Volume 1 GN
Terra Formars Volume 3 GN



Ani-Imo Volume 1 GN
Anne Rice’s The Wolf Gift GN
BTOOOM Volume 8 GN
Durarara Yellow Scarves Volume 2 GN
Gou-Dere Sora Nagihara Volume 1 GN
High School DxD Volume 3 GN
Higurashi When They Cry Volume 26 Dice Killing Arc GN
Jack Frost Volume 11 TPB
Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 20 GN
Pandora Hearts Volume 22 GN


zenoscope comics logo

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents 2014 Holiday Edition
-Cover A Sabine Rich
-Cover B Anthony Spay
-Cover C Vincenzo Cucca
-Cover D Mike Krome
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Dark Shaman #2 (Of 4)
-Cover A Harvey Tolibao
-Cover B Marat Mychaels
-Cover C Jose Luis
-Cover D Paul Green
Grimm Fairy Tales #104
-Cover A Ivan Nunes
-Cover B Stephen Schaffer
-Cover C Daxiong

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