Hans Zimmer’s INTERSTELLAR soundtrack to receive special edition


MyPlay Direct and WB Watertown Music have teamed up to put together one incredible special edition for Hans Zimmer’s INTERSTELLAR soundtrack. The ‘Illuminated Star Projection Edition’ comes with the original motion picture soundtrack on one disc while a second disc includes bonus material with up to 35 minutes of music not available anywhere else. Also included are a illuminated star projection box, digital copy, decodable light message, linear notes from Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer, extended booklet and more.

Fans in the United States can purchase the INTERSTELLAR Soundtrack Illuminated Star Projection Edition from MyPlay Direct for $39.99 HERE. For those outside of the U.S., you can join the Hi-Def Ninja Group Buy once you’ve reached a total of 30 non-spam posts on the forum.

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