This Week In Comics ~ 12-3-14


This Week in Comics!
The list includes the regular releases, different variant covers, Graphic Novels, Trade Paper Backs, Hardcovers, and Softcovers. Let us know if there is a title we missed, enjoy!

This is a release guide and availability may vary by retailer so check with your local shop for more accurate pricing.

GN – Graphic Novel
HC – Hard Cover
SC – Soft Cover
TPB – Trade Paper


I.C.E. Volume 1 TPB
-New Printing

F1rst Hero #4 (Of 4)
Fight Like A Girl #1 (Of 4)
Jack Hammer Usurper #2 (Of 2)
Planet Gigantic #2 (Of 4)
Shinobi Ninja Princess #4 (Of 6)

Magic Whistle #15

Cavewoman Rising – One Shot
-Cover A Rob Durham
-Cover B Rob Durham
-Cover D Budd Root
-Cover A Devon Massey
-Cover B Devon Massey
-Cover D Budd Root
-Cover F Art Adams

Legend Of The Mantamaji Volume 2 GN

Soppy A Love Story GN

Gold Digger #216
Gold Digger Annual #18


Archie Comic Publications, Inc image of "Archie" characters

Archie #662
-Genevieve F.T. Chestnuts Roasting Variant Cover
-Dan Parent Regular Cover
Archie Comics Annual Digest #256
Sonic Boom #2
-Patrick Spaziante Regular Cover
-T.Rex Variant Cover

Seven To Die Prose Novel SC

Crossed Badlands #67
-German Erramouspe Torture Cover
-Jacen Burrows Red Crossed Incentive Cover
-Jacen Burrows Regular Cover
-Michael DiPascale Fatal Fantasy Cover
-Michael DiPascale Wraparound Cover
Crossed Plus 100 #1
-Gabriel Andrade American History X Wrap Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Crossed Culture Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Design Sketch Incentive Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Future Tense Cover
-Gabriel Andrade New World Order Wraparound Bagged Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Red Crossed Incentive Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Regular Cover
Dark Gods #2
-Christian Zanier Nightmare Incentive Cover
-Christian Zanier Siren Cover
-German Erramouspe Wraparound Cover
-Michael DiPascale Deity Cover
-Michael DiPascale Regular Cover
Extinction Parade War #5
-Raulo Caceres Bloodwashed Incentive Cover
-Raulo Caceres End Of Species Cover
-Raulo Caceres Pure Art Incentive Cover
-Raulo Caceres Regular Cover
-Raulo Caceres Wraparound Cover
Uber #20
-Caanan White Blitzkrieg Incentive Cover
-Caanan White Regular Cover
-Caanan White War Crimes Cover
-Caanan White Wraparound Cover
-Michael DiPascale Propaganda Poster Cover
War Stories #3
-Matt Martin Battle Damage Incentive Cover
-Matt Martin Good Girl Nose Art Cover
-Matt Martin Regular Cover
-Matt Martin Wraparound Cover

Warhammer 40K Salamanders Rebirth HC
Warhammer Bane Of Malekith SC


bongo comics logo

Simpsons Illustrated #14


boom logo

Adventure Time #34
-Cover A Stu Livingston
-Cover B Claudia Aguirre
-Cover C Ru Xu
Cloaks #4 (Of 4)(Cover A W. Scott Forbes
Escape From New York #1
-Cover A Declan Shalvey
-Cover B Tim Bradstreet
-Cover C Riley Rossmo
-Cover D Jay Shaw
-Cover E Alice X. Zhang
Evil Empire #8 (Cover A Jay Shaw
Fairy Quest Outcasts #2 (Of 2)
-Cover A Humberto Ramos
-Cover B Humberto Ramos
Fiction Squad #3 (Of 6)
-Cover A Ramon Bachs
Garfield #32
-Cover A Andy Hirsch
Robocop #6
-Cover A Goni Montes
Uncle Grandpa #3 (Cover A Alexis Ziritt
Uncle Grandpa #3
-Cover B Corey Fuller
-Cover C Brandon Reese
Woods #8
-Cover A Michael Dialynas

Shaolin Cowboy TPB

Star Wars Costumes volume 1 The Original Trilogy HC

Comic Shop News #1433

Dry Spell #4


dark horse comics logo

Alien Vs Predator Fire And Stone #3 (Of 4)
Angel And Faith Season 10 #9
-Scott Fischer Regular Cover
-Will Conrad Variant Cover
Essential Kurtzman Volume 1 Harvey Kurtzman’s Jungle Book HC
Ghost #10
Ghost Fleet #2
Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. #1 (Of 5)
-Alex Maleev Regular Cover
-Mike Mignola Variant Cover
Mighty TPB
New Lone Wolf And Cub Volume 3 TPB
Tiger Lung HC


dc comics logo

Action Comics #37
-Aaron Kuder Regular Cover
-Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover
-Doug Mahnke Variant Cover
Aquaman And The Others #8
Batman Essentials Batman Hush #1
Batman Eternal #35
Batman The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Volume 1 TPB
Detective Comics #37
-Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover), AR
-Francis Manapul Combo Pack Cover
-Francis Manapul Regular Cover
Detective Comics #37
-Tim Sale Variant Cover
Earth 2 #29
Earth 2 World’s End #9
Fairest #32
Flash Season Zero #3
Gotham Academy #3
-Becky Cloonan Variant Cover
-Karl Kerschl Regular Cover
Grayson #5
-Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover
-Mikel Janin Regular Cover
Green Arrow #37
Green Lantern #37
-Bernard Chang Combo Pack Cover
-Bernard Chang Regular Cover
-Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover
Hinterkind #13
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three #5
Justice League 3000 #12
Lobo #3
-Aaron Kuder Regular Cover
-Francis Manapul Variant Cover
Looney Tunes #222
Marshal Law TPB
Movement Volume 2 Fighting For The Future TPB
Names #4 (Of 9)
New 52 Futures End #31
New 52 Futures End Volume 1 TPB
Nightwing Volume 1 Bludhaven TPB
Pride Of Baghdad Deluxe Edition HC
Red Lanterns Volume 5 Atrocities TPB
Secret Six #1
-Dale Eaglesham Regular Cover
Sinestro #7
-Guillem March Regular Cover
-LEGO Variant Cover
Swamp Thing #37
Wolf Moon #1 (Of 6)
-Jae Lee Regular Cover
-Jeremy Haun Variant Cover


DC collectibles logo

Batman 1966 Batarang Bottle Opener – $18.00
Batman 1989 Video Game Appearance 7-Inch Action Figure – $24.99
DC Direct Batman Li’l Gotham The Joker Mini Action Figure – $12.95
DC Comics Chibi Heroes 144-Piece Button Assortment – AR
DC Direct DC Comics Designer Series 2 By Greg Capullo Catwoman Action Figure – $24.95
DC Direct DC Comics Designer Series 2 By Greg Capullo Mr Freeze Action Figure – $24.95
DC Comics Sirens 144-Piece Button Assortment – AR
DC Direct DC Comics The New 52 Hawkman Action Figure – $24.95
DC Heroes Swamp Thing Cover Previews Exclusive Green T-Shirt SM – $17.99
DC Heroes Swamp Thing Cover Previews Exclusive Green T-Shirt XL – $17.99
DC Variant Static Arts Mini Batman – $49.99
DC Variant Static Arts Mini Superman – $49.99
DC Variant Static Arts Mini Wonder Woman – $49.99

Mercy Sparx #7


Army Of Darkness Volume 4 #1
-Arthur Adams Black & White Variant Cover
-Arthur Adams Red Variant Cover
-Arthur Adams Virgin Variant Cover
-Blank Authentix Variant Cover
-Cover A Gabriel Hardman
-Cover B Tim Seeley
-Cover C Arthur Adams
-Cover D Walter Flanagan
-Cover E Jay Shaw
-Gabriel Hardman Black & White Variant Cover
-Gabriel Hardman Virgin Variant Cover
-Jay Shaw Virgin Variant Cover
-Tim Seeley Black & White Variant Cover
-Walter Flanagan Black & White Variant Cover
Battlestar Galactica The Death Of Apollo #1
-Ardian Syaf Black & White Variant Cover
-Cover A Mike Mayhew
-Cover B Dietrich Smith
-Cover C Livio Ramondelli
-Cover D Ardian Syaf
-Dietrich Smith Black & White Variant Cover
-Dietrich Smith Red Variant Cover
-Mike Mayhew Artboard Variant Cover
Chaos Holiday Special 2014 – One Shot
-Cover A Emanuela Lupacchino
Chastity #6
-Cover A Emanuela Lupacchino
-Cover B Tim Seeley
-Emanuela Lupacchino Black & White Variant Cover
-Tim Seeley Black & White Variant Cover
Jennifer Blood Born Again #5 (Of 5)
-Cover A Stephen Segovia
-Stephen Segovia Black & White Variant Cover
Justice Inc #3 (Of 6)
-Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover)(Alex Ross Gold Signature Edition
Magnus Robot Fighter #4
-Gabriel Hardman 2nd Printing Variant Cover
New Vampirella #7
-Cover A Mike Mayhew
-Cover B Jenny Frison
-Cover C Stephanie Buscema
-Mike Mayhew Virgin Variant Cover
-Jenny Frison Virgin Variant Cover
Shadow Midnight In Moscow #6 (Of 6)
-Howard Chaykin Black & White Variant Cover
-Howard Chaykin Regular Cover
Shaft #1
-Blank Authentix Variant Cover
-Cover A Dennis Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz
-Cover B Francesco Francavilla
-Cover C Michael Avon Oeming
-Cover D Ulises Farinas
-Cover E Matt Haley
-Cover F Sanford Greene
-Dennis Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz Black & White Variant Cover
-Michael Avon Oeming Black & White Variant Cover
-Michael Avon Oeming Virgin Variant Cover
-Sanford Greene Black & White Variant Cover
Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #3
-Alex Ross Gold Signature Edition
Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #4
-Alex Ross Gold Signature Edition
Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #5
-Alex Ross Gold Signature Edition
Twilight Zone #10
-Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover
-Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant Cover

DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #44
-Batman #526 Batmobile
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #45
-Batman #61 Batplane II
DC Masterpiece Figurine Collection Magazine #1
-Batman 75th Anniversary Set
Doctor Who Figurine Collection #32
-Cyberman From Earthshock
Doctor Who Figurine Collection #33
-Madame Vastra
Marvel Fact Files #49
-Vulture Cover
Marvel Fact Files #50
-Captain America Vs Wolverine Cover
Marvel Fact Files #51
-Magik Cover
Marvel Fact Files #52
-Longshot Cover
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #30
-Nausicaan Fighter

Black Light The World Of L.B. Cole SC
Cochlea And Eustachia GN
Comics Journal Library Volume 9 ZAP The Interviews SC
Complete Peanuts Hardcover Box Set 1959-1962
-New Printing
Complete ZAP Comix Hardcover Box Set
Heads Or Tails TPB
-New Printing
Late Child And Other Animals HC
Massive Gay Japanese Manga And The Men Who Make It SC
Vapor HC

Drawing Beautiful Women The Frank Cho Method HC
Drawing Beautiful Women The Frank Cho Method Studio Edition HC

Brainstorm #4

Zorro The Complete Dell Pre-Code Comics HC

Monsieur Jean From Bachelor To Father HC


idw comics logo

Adventures In Oz Volume 1 TPB
G.I. JOE The Complete Collection Volume 6 HC
X-Files Season 10 #19
-Cover A Francesco Francavilla
-Cover RI Tom Mandrake
-Cover SUB Photo


image comics logo

68 Homefront #4 (Of 4)
-Cover A Nat Jones
-Cover B Christopher Shy
Birthright #2
-2nd Printing Variant Cover
Birthright #3
Chew #45
Five Ghosts #14
God Hates Astronauts #4 –
-Cover A Ryan Browne
-Cover B Paolo Rivera
Humans #2
Invincible #1
-Image Firsts Edition
Just The Tips HC
Low #5
Morning Glories Compendium Volume 1 TPB
Nailbiter #8
Outcast #1
-Image Firsts Edition
Penny Dora And The Wishing Box #2 (Of 5)
Rasputin #1
-2nd Printing Variant Cover
Red City TPB
Revival Deluxe Collection Volume 2 HC
Sovereign TPB
Spawn #249
Tech Jacket #6
Tooth And Claw #2
-Cover A Ben Dewey
-Cover B Alex Ross
White Like She TPB
Wicked + The Divine #1
-Image Firsts Edition

Destiny Poster Collection SC
Marvel Comics Poster Collection SC

Sankarea Volume 10 GN



All-New X-Factor #17
Angela Asgard’s Assassin #1
-Joe Quesada Design Variant Cover
-Phil Jimenez Variant Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
-Stephanie Hans Regular Cover
Axis Revolutions #3 (Of 4)
Captain America Peggy Carter Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1
-One Shot
Captain America The Trial Of Captain America Omnibus HC
Captain America Volume 3 Loose Nuke TPB
Deadpool #38
Death Of Wolverine #2 (Of 4)
-Steve McNiven 3rd Printing Variant Cover
Death Of Wolverine The Weapon X Program #3 (Of 5)
Guardians 3000 #3
-Alex Ross Regular Cover
-Gerardo Sandoval Variant Cover
Hulk #9
Inhuman #7 (Ryan Stegman 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Inhuman #9
Invaders Classic The Complete Collection Volume 2 TPB
Iron Fist The Living Weapon #7
Legendary Star-Lord #1
-Steve McNiven 4th Printing Variant Cover
Legendary Star-Lord #6
Men Of Wrath By Jason Aaron #3 (Of 5)
-Ron Garney Regular Cover
-Tony Harris Variant Cover
Thanos A God Up There Listening HC
Thanos Vs Hulk #1 (Of 4)
-Jim Starlin Regular Cover
-Ron Lim Variant Cover
X-Men Inferno Prologue HC
Young Avengers By Kieron Gillen And Jamie McKelvie Omnibus HC
-Bryan Lee O’Malley Direct Market Cover
-Jamie McKelvie Book Market Cover

Avengers And Villains Pint 2-Pack Set – $14.99
Avengers Captain America Titan Heroes 12-Inch Action Figure – $10.99
Avengers Dr Doom Titan Heroes 12-Inch Action Figure – $10.99
Avengers Falcon Titan Heroes 12-Inch Action Figure – $10.99
Avengers Hawkeye Titan Heroes 12-Inch Action Figure – $10.99
Avengers Iron Man Titan Heroes 12-Inch Action Figure – $10.99
Avengers Thor Titan Heroes 12-Inch Action Figure – $10.99

Famous Monsters Of Filmland #277

Street View HC

Dash #2



Ciudad HC
Sixth Gun #45
Wasteland Volume 10 Last Exit For The Lost TPB

Asterix And The Picts SC

Annoying Orange Volume 6 My Little Baloney GN

Pokemon Black And White Volume 19 GN
Pokemon XY Volume 1 GN

Star Trek Ships Of The Line HC
-Revised Edition

Brass Sun The Wheel Of Worlds HC
Zenith Phase Two HC

Mammoth Book Of Cult Comics SC

Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 78 SC
Shadow Double Novel Volume 89 SC

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath GN

Alice In The Country Of Joker The Nightmare Trilogy Volume 2 GN

Bettie Page In Danger Gift Box

75 Years Of Marvel Comics From The Golden Age To The Silver Screen HC


titan comics logo

Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #5
-Photo Subscription Cover
-Verity Glass Regular Cover

BrickJournal #32

Persona 3 Official Design Works SC

Spectrum Volume 21 HC
Spectrum Volume 21 TPB


Valiant comics logo

Eternal Warrior Days Of Steel #2 (Of 3)
-Cover A Lewis LaRosa), $3.99
-Rafael Albuquerque Variant Cover), AR
Rai #5
-Cover A Clayton Crain
-Cover B David Mack
-Cover C Riley Rossmo
-David Aja Variant Cover
-Mico Suayan QR Voice Variant Cover
-Plus Edition
Valiant-Sized Quantum & Woody #1
-Cover A Chip Zdarsky
-Mike Hawthorne Variant Cover
-Pere Perez Draw Your Own Blank Variant Cover

From The New World Volume 6 GN
Knights Of Sidonia Volume 12 GN
viz media logo

Assassination Classroom Volume 1 GN
Dragon Ball 3-In-1 Edition Volume 7 TPB
Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Volume 3 GN
Happy Marriage Volume 9 GN
Honey Blood Volume 2 GN
Kimi Ni Todoke Volume 20 GN
Millennium Snow Volume 4 GN
Naruto Volume 68 GN
Nura Rise Of The Yokai Clan Volume 24 GN
Seraph Of The End Vampire Reign Volume 3 GN
Toriko Volume 25 GN
Vampire Knight Fleeting Dreams SC
Voice Over Seiyu Academy Volume 8 GN
Yukarism Volume 1 GN

Video Game Storytelling What Every Developer Needs To Know About Narrative Techniques SC


zenoscope comics logo
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Realm War #5 (Of 12)
-Cover A Mike S. Miller
-Cover B Pasquale Qualano
-Cover C Artgerm
-Cover D Alfredo Reyes
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Grimm Tales Of Terror #5
-Cover A Richard Ortiz
-Cover B Giuseppe Cafaro
-Cover C Eric J.

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