This Week in Comics – 5-20-15


The week, there is nothing but Secret Wars in comics. So much happening…


Marvel Comics
Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1
Writer: Cullen Bunn Inside Art: Matteo Lolli Cover Artwork: Tony Harris


So much Secret Wars, so little time. Back in 1984, Deadpool was a key character in the Secret Wars, remember? If you don’t, this book will bring you up to speed.


Secret Wars Battleworld #1
Writer: Joshua Williamson Inside Art: Mike Henderson Cover Art: Paco Medina


In Battleworld, the universes collide in a battle that will change more than just a few people disappearing. Dr. Strange possesses The Punisher and M.O.D.O.K. is building an army.


Planet Hulk #1
Writer: Sam Humphries Inside Art: Marc Laming Cover Art: Mike Del Mundo


Planet Hulk has always been synonymous with battle and this case is no different. The murder of wild Hulks and Steve Rogers is caught in the middle. This sounds like a cool book for sure.


Ultimate End #1
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Inside Art: Mark Bagley Cover Art: Mark Bagley


This is the end…my only friend, the end…
This is the beginning of the end for the Marvel Ultimate Universe. What will happen to Miles Morales? The Ultimates? This will give you perspective on where the Marvel Universe will end up. Make sure to get in on this book from the ground up.








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