FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES Season 2 is coming to Blu-ray

Miramax/El Ray Network’s cult franchise FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES Season 2 is coming to Blu-ray. The show follows the Gecko Brothers, Seth and Richie, and the evil they find in Mexico while on the run from the U.S. In Season 2, the action and the enemies are bigger than in the first. The Blu-ray releases on February 2nd, 2016 in a 3-disc set.

Bonus Features
•Audio commentary with Director Robert Rodriguez and Cast & Crew
•Inside the Episode (1-10)
•2015 New York Comic Con Panel Discussion
•Featurettes: “Overview,” “Pulp Origins,” “Mythology,” “The Talent,” “Costumes & Makeup,”
“Robert,” “Effects & Stunts,” “Blowing up the Titty Twister,” “Danny Trejo: The Regulator,”
“Jacknife Jeds,” “Eat About it,” “Culebras 101,” “Demi Lovato,” and “Jake Busey”

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From Dusk Till Dawn- Complete Season 2 cover

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