Checking in with Ben Bishop’s THE AGGREGATE

The Aggregate title banner

It’s been a while since we last checked in with Ben Bishop and THE AGGREGATE (nearly a year now, to be exact). Since we last talked, THE AGGREGATE completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, bringing in over $30,000 and becoming something even more ambitious than originally planned.

Earlier today, Bishop signed in to share an update with THE AGGREGATE’s supporters, revealing a 6-minute-plus video that showcases the inking process of some of the book’s pages. Seriously, watching this will not only excite you for what’s to come, but it will most likely inspire you in some sense or form. What Ben has accomplished so far with this project truly boggles the mind.

Check it out for yourself:

The book is now two months past its original estimated release date, but thanks to the consistent updates that show the beauty and wonder that this book has in store, THE AGGREGATE will surely be worth the wait.

To keep up to date on this project, subscribe to THE AGGREGATE’s HDN forum thread here.

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