Wooden Nickel releasing SUICIDE SQUAD, STRANGER THINGS, ROGUE ONE, and more tomorrow!

Wooden Nickel Art Works, established in 2015, will be dropping the mother-load of drops tomorrow morning with new prints based on SUICIDE SQUAD, STRANGER THINGS, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, SPIDER-MAN, and BLACK PANTHER. All prints will be made available online in limited runs on September 7th, 2016 at Wooden Nickel Art Works at 9am PDT.



“Suicide Squad” – 36″x18″ – run of 75 – $60 – giclee print

Suicide Squad



“Stranger Things” – 11″x17″ – run of 75 – $35 – giclee print

Stranger Things 11x17 - smaller



“Stranger Things” – 11″x17″ – run of 100 – $40 – giclee print

Stranger Things

“Stranger Things” variant – 11″x17″ – run of 30 – $55 – giclee print

Stranger Things Variant

“Spider-Man” – 11″x17″ – run of 50 – $30 – giclee print


“Black Panther” – 11″x17″ – run of 50 – $30 – giclee print

Black Panther



“The Rebellion” – 18″x24″ – run of 150 – $65 – giclee print

The Rebellion - 18x24 - Smaller

Christopher Shy’s ‘The Rebellion’ will be available with a variant size of 24″x36″, limited to 75 copies and costing $115 each. Meanwhile, J Caleb Clark’s ‘Stranger Things’ will also be available with a variant size of 18″x24″, limited to 25 copies and costing $70. Both variants will also be giclee prints.

To keep up to date on the full drop, follow Wooden Nickel on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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