A review of The Joker from Mezco’s One:12 Collective!

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In this review, I’ll be covering The Joker from Mezco’s One:12 Collective series.  He is based on the comic book version and also what The Joker might look like in real life.  The figures from the line run anywhere from $85 USD to $150 USD depending on the edition, The figures stand at about 6 1/2 inches tall and heavily detailed but I’ll get to that in the appropriate section.

A review of The Joker from Mezco's One:12 Collective!
  • Packaging
  • Likeness
  • Accessories
  • Articulation


The packaging is beautiful in its simplicity.  It has the One:12 Collective banner in purple and green with the character’s name.  There is a large, purple “J” against a black background and it has a small heart to complete the logo.  There are magnets that hold a folding cover closed with a clear window showing the figure and a classic version of the joker on the actual gatefold.  Collectively, it’s a cool package to show off the figure and what to expect from the line.


Mezco has stated that they are going for the “real world” look with these figures.  This means that if you were walking down the street and The Joker punched you in the face, this is probably what he would look like.

The head sculpts included are very different from each other and fit a number of moods.  The one out of the box has slicked-back hair and that killer grin.  His ragged smile has yellow teeth that white skin, and green hair that looks “so natural, only your undertaker knows for sure.”  The second head sculpt has him with the disheveled hair with his mouth is wide open and laughing.  One eye is opened more than the other and it gives him an extra crazy appearance.  The paint on both heads has been done perfectly.  The green in the hair is done in shades and has been sculpted in a way to make the shadows look how hair would be naturally.

They are easily swappable and when attached to the neck, there is a small pop that lets you know the head is on correctly.  I love the look of both of them just because of how different that they are from each other.  It made the photography fun and allowed for a lot of variety.

The clothing is tailored and fits the body very well.  He is wearing a purple suit with a striped, collard shirt and a green tie.  The suit jacket is removable and underneath, you see that the striped shirt has short sleeves.  The exposed sections of his arms show that the skin tone matches the skin on his face nicely.  He does look really good with the jacket on or off depending on the look that you’re going for at that moment.  


The accessories included are the various hands plus a large revolver and chattering teeth.  The hands, aside from the fists that come on the figure out of the box, include a left hand with fanned out fingers, a right hand for holding the revolver, and a right hand flashing a joker card between 2 fingers.  It allows the figure to be posed is a lot of dynamic ways in combination with the 2 heads.  I’m glad that they kept the hands in the gloves because that’s the joker that I’m used to seeing in the comics and it just makes sense to me.  I took a photo of one of the hands next to a 1/6 scale Joker hand to show the differences in size.

The revolver resembles a Colt Python with a purple grip and an exaggerated barrel.  As an extension of The Joker’s arm, it looks excellent.  The coloring of the grip looks like something he would do to his weapons to make them stand out.  The only thing that would take this accessory up a notch is a “bang” joke flag to go into the barrel.

The little chattering teeth don’t actually “chatter” but you completely get the idea without the moving parts.  It does have the wined-up on the side (don’t try to turn it, it doesn’t move) and it has feet like you would see on a real life toy.

The included stand is a circle that is purple with bright, green “HA”s all over it with a small foot peg.  The peg is slightly off center and you can remove it to insert the clear plastic arm that is included.  The arm is longer than you actually need to keep him on the stand with 2 long pieces and one short piece that leads to the claw that attaches to his waist.  I actually had to take the arm apart to get it to the right length to match up with the sample photos on Mezco’s site.  It was easy enough and good if I ever need the arm longer for this or future figures.  

One of the other very cool things that is included in the box is a plastic bag with a zip top.  I know what you’re thinking but this is a nice bonus.  The baggie is a Mezco-branded label that can have the figure’s name written in in the space provided.  I love this idea and I feel like this is something that other collectibles companies that have figures with elaborate parts should take note of.  I keep my extra hands, accessories, weapons, etc. in baggies and cases so, to me, this is such a great little extra.


As for the articulation, he is listed to have 28 point of articulation, which allows it to move in a way very similar to the 1/6 scale figures that are out there.  The torso also swivels to give him a more natural pose when having him pointing in a direction.  As I mentioned before, both heads are on a peg that can make them move in whatever direction you’d like.  The legs bend at the knee at about 90° and the clothing doesn’t hinder that at all.  As for the feet, they swivel and move around in practically any direction that you choose.  The joints at the ankle are strong and hold up him up without any assistance and they have a hole that sits in a peg on the stand.  


Being that this is my first figure from Mezco, I’m glad that I started my collection with The Joker.  Pretty much anyone that knows me can tell you that he is my favorite villain and I have a huge amount of Joker memorabilia so for me to go with him makes complete sense.  Mezco has really done something special with the One:12 Collective and they are just pushing forward.  As for this particular figure, you can tell that a lot of thought and love has been put into The Joker in every facet of the figure.  Arguably, this figure has the best detailing I’ve seen in this scale and Mezco is successful with the “real world” look that they’re going for with this line.  I can easily recommend this version of The Joker and out of the One:12 Collective.

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