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Happy New Year from HDN!

On behalf of the staff, writers, and moderators at Hi-Def Ninja, Happy New Year!

Superheroes in Film - Batman v Superman

Superheroes in Film

Lucas Howe, winner of the Ninja Week writing competition, asks, “How long can superheroes in film last for?”

Spotlight 1

Spotlight Displays product report

Mathew Maier examines Spotlight Displays’ poster/print front-loading frames — plus a link to an exclusive product review!

Screenshot 2016-02-22 23.11.11
Screenshot 2016-02-22 23.04.05
SpeedyHen image
Ninja Week 2016

NINJA WEEK 2016 retailer-sponsored giveaway announcements!

A full rundown of all the retailer sponsors that will be participating in NINJA WEEK 2016.

Holiday image

Happy Holidays!

HDN wishes you a Happy Holidays!

Ninjas Chat

Ninjas Chat… Monsters, Creatures and their FX Artists!

Ken chats to members of the forum regarding FX artists and the dying art of practical effects within the film industry.


Ninjas Chat… Digibooks!

In the third edition of the ‘Ninjas Chat’ column, Martin and Ken discuss Blu-ray Digibooks.

HDN print

[NINJA WEEK Give-Away] Share to Win a Ninja Print!

In celebration of Ninja Week 2015, the Hi-Def Ninja home page is giving away one free copy of an exclusive ninja-inspired art print. Ninja Week 2015

NINJA WEEK 2015… Are you ready?

Ninja Week 2015 is almost upon us. Are you ready?


Vote now for your 2014 Blu-ray SteelBook of the Year!

The 4th Annual SteelBook of the Year awards is now upon us! Vote now for your choice of best SteelBook of 2014. Winner to be announced January 31st!


HDN writers list off their Top 10 Films of 2014!

Hi-Def Ninja has assembled their team of writers to each name off their Top 10 Films of 2014.


STAR WARS vs. JURASSIC WORLD: Which trailer won?

HDN writers Kenneth, Matt, Rob and Michael share their thoughts regarding the new trailers for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS and JURASSIC WORLD.


DRIVE Mondo x SteelBook gallery & review

Kenneth Livitski unboxes and reviews DRIVE, the first Mondo x SteelBook exclusive from Future Shop in Canada.

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