Awarded Medals: livearthpeace

  1. Awarded: Mar 7, 2017

    Hot Toys

    Show us your Hot Toys statues, figures, and other collectibles

  2. Awarded: Apr 4, 2015

    Star Wars Award

    Awarded by the HDN Community.

  3. Awarded: Mar 14, 2015

    Iron Man Fan Club Award

    Awarded the Iron Man Award by the HDN Community.

  4. Awarded: Mar 13, 2015

    Marvel's Avengers Collection

    Awarded to super fans of the Avengers

  5. Awarded: Mar 12, 2015

    Premium Supporter

    Awarded for becoming a Ninja!

  6. Awarded: Mar 9, 2017

    Star Trek

    Star Trek Award

  7. Awarded: Mar 12, 2015

    The Matrix Award

    Voted by HDN Community for Matrix Collection.

  8. Awarded: Mar 14, 2015


    Can you stand up to the Wolverine? Well, maybe not but at least you have some cool collectibles of him!

  9. Awarded: Mar 14, 2015


    Do you have what it takes to be one of the X-Men? With enough X-Men collectibles you just might be.

  10. Awarded: Mar 8, 2017

    Firefly/Serenity Award

    Do you like Firefly and Serenity? Show us your memorabilia.