Awarded medals

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    HiDefNinja Challenge Coin #3: Community, Friendship, Family

    . For those that were lucky enough to receive our blue and silver challenge coin #3!

    Ninja Star-Top Contributor

    . Top poster to HDN Community.

    Community Leader

    . Winners of this award are the foundation of HiDefNinja and represent some of the best qualities that we value in our members. The first 100 winners of this award will receive a challenge coin!

    Quentin Tarantino Award

    . Voted by HDN Community for QT Collection.

    The Matrix Award

    . Voted by HDN Community for Matrix Collection.

    Inglourious Basterds Fan Club Award

    . Awarded the Inglourious Basterds Award by the HDN Community.

    SuckerPunch Fan Club Award

    . Awarded the Sucker Punch Award by the HDN Community.

    Premium Supporter

    . Awarded for becoming a Ninja!

    Pink Ribbon Award

    . Awarded for donating to DigitalBabe's Fight Through Breast Cancer!

    Helpful Member

    . This member has over 500 thanks or likes in their posts.

    Exemplary Service

    . This award is for those who have performed extreme amounts of work on this forum, and have helped pave the way. Past or present. Strong Supporters of HDN!

    Philanthropy Award

    . Award granted to members that go above and beyond to assist their fellow ninjas with gifts or other offers of assistance.