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  • Happy Birthday sunny! :-)
    Hey, just saw you're looking for the Raiders of the Lost Ark steelbook, I have one I can let go at cost + shipping if you're interested. Cheers
    Hi mate,

    Do you have captain america first avenger taiwan steelbook new to buy with slip.

    Hey Sunny.... can you send me a picture of your Terminator TW Steelbook.... front/back. I know there is no slip around but I´m still curious. Would be nice. Greets Dominik
    haha I've always enjoyed hunting for stuff, especially via the net so this was no different :p Thanks for the msg :)
    Happy new year to you and your family matey :D
    Congrats on the 2,000 posts :) Also well done for hosting those GB's, I bet Dave appreciates some help :D Top man
    Finally Wreck you got b/day sorted with the right date, cheers!
    :bday: Happy bday!!
    Hello mate :)
    Yeah, when your 10 years old :)
    Mario Kart rocks! Best driving game EVER!
    Armageddon as a fav movie? Dear o Dear :p
    meh, sorry about that :)
    Your inbox is full :)
    Hi, I'm from the cold rainy overcrowded island in England. I enjoy movies, blu-rays, listening to music, gym, eating out, chilling out, and always looking to grab a deal when I can :)
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