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Andy's I'm Ready To Ship My Stuff! Group Buy

Ready to get your items shipped? Check here, for 1-3 items only! All locations except Canada.

  1. apsmith21
    Ready to ship your group buy items? This is where you need to be.

    Costs are as follows - FOR 1 - 3 ITEMS ONLY. AND ALL COUNTRIES BESIDES CANADA!

    If you have more than 3 ITEMS, please contact me via PM for a on demand quote!

    Shipping to all locations except for Canada: 1-3 Items $22.50
    Insurance against loss or damage for value up to $100: $1.30
    Box and shipping supplies: $3.25
    Misc $1.41

Recent Reviews

  1. oks
    Ty for the detailed message!
  2. AlexMacOl
    Well explained.