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(closed) Custom/Fanmade Lenticular Kong Skull Island and Underworld Blood Wars Slipboxes

Custom/Fanmade zesty Lenticulars

  1. zesty
    This is a Group Buy for limited edition Kong Skull Island and Underworld Blood Wars custom lenticular slipboxes made by myself.

    There will be 100 of each made (combined with single GBs) and numbered and once they are gone they are gone.

    Will be available to be combined with the remaining Marvel, DC and H8/SS GB's

    Some of you will have already seen the vids and pics of these but here they are again just in case.

    Kong Skull Island

    Although the rear will change to a textless version of this

    Underworld Blood Wars

    Members will be limited to one of each for the first week. If there are any left afterwards, they'll be fair game to anyone but to be honest I think this is doubtful.

    I will be asking for payment as early as I can as I’m sure you will understand this is an expensive project and I will need to start getting funds in in order to get the lenticulars etc ordered.

    Members who ordered both in the previous DS/RO GB will get same numbers as they did in that GB if they so wish. Those who ordered one or the other, as there will be 2 members with those numbers, will be first to post with their number gets it. Members who did not join the other GB will get numbers randomly picked from what is left.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dano
    Zesty is always an excellent GB host.