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[CLOSED] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Disney Store Exclusive with lithographs)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Disney Store Exclusive with Lithographs

  1. apsmith21
    Release Date:
    April 4, 2017
    **PLEASE NOTE, I'm also hosting group buys for the Target Edition and the Walmart edition. If you have requested a copy already, feel free to purchase this edition and I will combine shipping for you!



    Original listing is here -

    NOTE: There are 4 10x14 litographs. This means, we'll have to get a larger box to ship your order, PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND.

    Price as follows based on an order of 4x copies (COST WILL GO DOWN AND I WILL CREDIT THE DIFFERENCE IF MORE MEMBERS JOIN).

    $24.95 x4 from the store
    $12.95 shipping (increases to only $17.95 for 10 copies)
    $5.64 sales tax

    Total: $29.60 per copy.

    GB fee is 7.5% paid to HDN by your purchase.

    Paypal fees, $34 total, per copy.

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    Easy to purchase Thanks for the GB
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    Fast and easy to buy. Thanks for the GB.
  3. jitstark
    Nice, quick and simple. Should be the way forward for all GBs