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Blu Fans [CLOSED] Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exclusive One Click [WORLDWIDE]

Official HDN Group Buy for the BLufans Star Wars: The Force Awakens One Click set

  1. cooey
    Release Date:
    Late June, 2017
    Collectible Edition Type:
    One Click
    Release thread

    Full price of this item is $200

    Please note that the $30 is an initial non-refundable deposit that secures your copy. You will then be added to an invoice PM where you will be required to pay the additional $170 of the remaining balance no later than June 14th 1800 UK time

    9a438038gy1ffysiivq2rj21kw12l13q.jpg 9a438038gy1ffysiobe4lj21kw12l7g0.jpg 9a438038gy1ffysiruvyrj21kw12jn7u.jpg

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  1. Dirk69
    Another perfect GB - Thank you!