[CLOSED] GB Ant-Man Drum18 (Best Buy Canada Exclusive)

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Coming December 8th, 2015:

Best Buy links:
English only or Bilingual

English: (17)
Drum18 x1
Agentcooper x1
(with shipping)
Ashcroft x1
(with shipping)
(with shipping)
Butz2k x1
(with shipping)
carlito2012 x2
(with shipping)
chlove0916 x1

crazytaxinext x1
(with shipping)
eLviS1987 x1
(with shipping)
Feathers McGraw x1
(with shipping)
hammerdave x1
(with shipping)
Kashby x1
(with shipping)
munkideluxe x1

nemesis x1 + bilingual

ObiWan x1

thesource7 x1 + bilingual
(with shipping)

Bilingual: (04)
Manu-El x1

marshall Banana x1

nemesis x1 + regular

thesource7 x1 + regular
(with shipping)

: Invoice sent
: Payment received
: Package sent

- Hi-Def Ninja rules apply to this GB.
- When comitting by replying here, you HAVE to take the item. NO BACKING DOWN!
- Please subscribe to this thread so that you can be directly informed of updates.

- Payment is only required on RELEASE WEEK. That way, we don't have any bad surprise if the price change.
- I send the invoice via PM and payment must be done via Paypal.

(October 16th, 2015): Price for the release is 32.99+taxes = 38$.

- I ship in a box with protection. Price of packaging material depends on how many units you take. Pricing is 3$ for the first and then 0.50$ for any others.
- YOU pay the Paypal fees (4%). Unfortunately, I CANNOT accept Personnal Payment anymore (Paypal rules).
- There's also 2$ per steelbook for donation at Hi-Def Ninja.
- Also, I consider my work deserve some consideration for my work/time. For this specific release, a fixed cost of 3$ per copy.

SHIPPING COST: (Updated September 15th, 2015)
- Shipping depends on your location. Please be sure to check the shipping price BEFORE committing to this GB because the price listed here at the prices from CanadaPost. They are NOT cheap but that's unfortunately the only way we can ship.
Shipping for USA

1: 11$
Tracked Packet: (6 business days WITH TRACKING)
2-3: 17$
Expedited 4 days (with tracking)
4-5: 26$
6-7: 27$
8-9: 28$

Shipping for Europe:

Air: (6-10 business days)
1: 19$
2-3: 37$
4-5: 47$
6-7: 56$
Tracked Packet: (7 business days WITH TRACKING)
2-3: 60$
4-5: 67$
6-8: 74$


Air: (6-10 business days)
1: 22$
2-3: 41$
4-5: 53$
6-8: 62$
Tracked Packet: (11 business days WITH TRACKING)
2-3: 64$
4-5: 72$
6-8: 79$

IF you decide not to pay, you can be assured that you're going to be on my personnal blacklist and that Ninja's will find you wherever you are. ;)

Remember that since shipping is not cheap from Canada Post, it's always a good idea to put more steel in a box than only one. As my usual policy, once an item is paid, I can keep it aside for you the time that you want until you're ready for shipping.
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May 2, 2012
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1 to the UK, English only please. Thanks Marc!

Fine to ship this one separately from the others you have for me ;)