[CLOSED]Zombieland MondoCon Exclusive HDN #3 Limited Edition GB Help

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Mar 20, 2012
Texas, US
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Hello all,

I will be at the HDN booth first thing and I've been approved to host a small GB for you Ninjas not attending. So you can call this a LIVE - Group Buy sort of thing. :)

Your sign up here will be your commitment to the live purchase at the booth.

This is limited to 1 copy per household!

I will ship anywhere in the world.

Hi-Def Ninja will be in contact for direct billing and I will be in contact for shipping reimbursement.

I have a maximum of 52 copies to help everyone with.

In the event that I am trampled by a force greater then my Ninja skills and can't acquire this amount on your behalf then you shall be refunded and I'll probably be sacrificed.

1. Valbro
2. Ardu
3. Bassaholic
4. Arbingers
5. Vandamon
6. vampire75
7. Akina
8. pyszny
9. HBA
10. Jericho
11. phate11
12. wjasoncul
13. SuPaFly
14. GoDo
15. claudius181991
16. comICS-soon
17. kryptonite
18. LucasEatWorld
19. dotphil
20. raspor
21. popolac
22. Texas Ex
23. myptosis1
24. mkachanthong
25. SteelCollz
26. anae31
27. rsaotome
28. damdos94
29. blu-steel
30. Misterlovier
31. Pud1804
32. BulleTooth13
33. Familyguy824
34. turtle31
35. blumetal
36. C.C. 95
37. Jeffster15
38. Graphic_Delusions
39. Le Marquis
40. Luke98
41. Lizard King
42. eps999
43. zoneism
44. mackyboy
45. narg
46. kolchaker
47. Darogal
48. BDestroyer8418
49. paulette5554
50. mercurial


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$35 plus shipping after Con. SHIPS SEPARATELY by Rose. Nothing combined with HDN on this.

Leftover web store stock on Monday (if any) at $39.99 plus shipping. CAN combine shipping with other items or blufans pre-orders etc.
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