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    Starring: David Carradine, Richard Hill, Luke Askew, Jillian McWhirter, Blake Boyd, Joey Zucchero Directed By: Cirio H. Santiago

    After the end of the world, a drought-ridden Earth is besieged by bands of outlaws, led by the evil William (Luke Askew, The Warrior & The Sorceress), who prey upon the small cities in a hope to obtain any water they might possess. When the renegades attempt to take over the town of Chinle, a mysterious warrior named Michael (David Carradine, The Warrior & The Sorceress) leads a band of fighters (led by Richard Hill, Deathstalker, The Devastator) to ward off their attack. Battles blaze in the scorching sun as they fight to protect the precious water for their survival. Jillian McWhirter (Last Man Standing), Blake Boyd (Toto), and Joey Zucchero (Devil’s Three) co-star. Directed by the king of action exploitation films, Cirio Santiago, and produced by the king of B movies, Roger Corman. Dune Warriors is presented for the first time in its original director’s cut - 15 extra minutes of Santiago action!
    Language: English MONO
    Brand New 2015 HD master of the Original longer Directors Cut
    Watch this in Katarina's Post Nuke Theater Mode
    Original Trailer
    93 minutes
    Anamorphic Widescreen 1:78
    Region Free
    Rated R

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