Multi Friday the 13th: The Game - Machete Steel Collector Pack (Kickstarter Exclusive)

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    PLATFORM: PC, PS4, XboxOne

    RELEASE DATE: Oct. 2016
    PRICE: $140 U.S.
    ORDER: Kickstarter (First print sold-out, second print now available with variant slipcover)


    - Physical game with Kickstarter Exclusive collectible Steel Case and altered variation of the original slipcover on either PC, Xbox One, or PS4

    - Kickstarter Exclusive in-game playable Jason character designed by Tom Savini, with unique weapon

    - Kickstarter Exclusive in-game Counselor Clothing Packs

    - Digital Art Book featuring concept art from the game's creators

    - Exclusive Beta Access on PC

    - In-Game credit under "Special Thanks"

    - Digital Wallpaper Pack 1 & 2

    - Our eternal gratitude & a heartfelt "Thank You..."

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