GB Jurassic World (Blu-ray SteelBook) (HDzeta Special Edition Silver Label No.5) [China]

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  1. n3wk1d

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    Sep 26, 2010
    This is GB for:
    Jurassic World (Blu-ray SteelBook) (HDzeta Special Edition Silver Label No.5) [China]

    Quantity available for order : Limited to previous Tripack order.
    Expected release date : Released

    Item cost USD55 includes paypal fees. (Includes direct shipping from HDZeta to you)

    Priority given to members who bought the Jurassic Park Tripack.

    - List from previous GB for Tripack will be use, those not paid after 16th Dec 2015 will be considered given up the slot.
    Hi-Def Ninja rules apply to this GB.
    - When committing by replying here, you HAVE to take the item.
    - Limit of ONE per member.
    - Please subscribe to this thread so that you can be directly informed of updates.

    - Payment must be done via Paypal and payable immediately. (Paypal account
    Please state your nick/username, which title you are paying when making payment and make sure your mailing address is correct and updated.

    OTHER :
    - Unfortunately, I CANNOT accept Personnal Payment anymore (Paypal rules).

    - Please be informed that shipping it's directly dispatch from HDZeta, no refund or whatsoever once the package is sent. If you are not home to receive your package and package send back to HDZETA, you need to pay for the resend postage.


    IF you decide not to pay, you can be assured that you're going to be on my personnal blacklist and that Ninja's will find you wherever you are. ;)

    [​IMG]: Invoice sent
    [​IMG]: Payment received
    [​IMG]: Package sent

    Please indicate your USERNAME and quantity you wish to join.
    (Limit only to one copy each member)

    {Username / Country}

    (List from previous Jurassic Park Tripack will be added by default, if you are not interested in taking up this offer, PM me to remove your name.)

    1. jericho USA
    2. ianb CA
    3. tossin USA
    4. zoneism UK
    5. bevins2012 USA
    6. sharanium CA
    7. whited001 UK
    8. jaszeron USA
    9. mbennett76 USA
    10. jason USA
    11. Ranavalon Finland
    12. jimgard UK
    13. howarmat USA
    14. badgerman UK
    15. deeii Netherland
    16. anae31 FR
    17. James CA
    18. tridon CA
    19. AlienKing CA
    20. ty233 FR
    21. kootezafra Spain
    22. GoldenEye0915 JP
    23. bigdaygt USA
    24. Elclavo75 USA
    25. Headhunter UK
    26. phate11 CA
    27. ESM999 BR
    28. wjasoncul USA
    29. pedrothelion IT
    30. galareta2332 Poland
    31. Drum18 CA
    32. Askari23 USA
    33. Dano USA
    34. metal hunter Germany
    35. Hootra FR
    36. marmup USA
    37. phishpan192 USA
    38. lost Portugal
    39. frankfish44 USA
    40. ghostwhowalks Australia
    41. Familyguy824 USA
    42. Bigmac UK
    43. Aliceinc USA
    44. Whitenie Germany
    45. Bluman Chu USA
    46. arbingers FR
    47. Marina Blue USA
    48. Lolo268 FR
    49. augustus UK
    50. steel888 USA
    51. buzzz04 USA
    52. boobymcgee BR
    53. yurydalkou CA
    54. tnguyen13 USA
    55. Aniv USA
    56. JCC USA
    57. myraan Sweden
    58. nutcaseshy UK
    59. Codarl USA
    60. jayscott1969 UK
    61. fishvtec CA
    62. andrewmacattack UK
    63. jakdonark CA
    64. redlemon UK
    65. BulleTooth13 USA
    66. taher Bahrain
    67. Ali D UK
    68. screamjojo FR
    69. Krayve USA
    70. ValBro Netherlands
    71. Thestixter USA
    72. capricornio34232
    73. Agent_DVD USA
    74. Netclone CA
    75. Bubba Fatt USA
    76. unamused1 CA
    77. Renero79 IT
    78. NoDingsNoScratches USA
    79. SlipccoverGirl USA
    80. Ricardo13 UK
    81. Gallifretbase UK
    82. spookz UK
    83. pttgc TH
    84. Il Furiano IT
    85. BDestroyer8418 USA
    86. alucard26 TH
    87. bantha11 USA
    88. mooyai TH
    89. fayez UK
    90. steveguna USA
    91. mr donkeymagic UK
    92. lampshire2005 UK
    93. nafosb USA
    94. panggy TH
    95. a1helios USA
    96. Sigill UK
    97. jammmy UK
    98. Bengaloo Sweden
    99. j4c0 Czech
    100. Jaxxx USA
    101. ingo187 UK
    102. Sniffer UK ran94 CA
    103. blumetal IT
    104. Witcombed1 UK
    105. Monkey2005 Australia
    106. ckman88 CA
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