HDN Mondo Con Exclusive - Zombieland SteelBook w/ UV effect slip


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Sep 21, 2012
Kent, UK
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Jul 13, 2013
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I just want to add I finally got my dirty mitts on this today and it's absolutely fantastic in hand! also thanks for giving out little black lights to see the awesome slipcover!

It was a pleasure meeting you @Wreck and @tridon today and I hope the rest of the Con goes well for y'all!


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so because I go to comic cons I've become friends with the Englishman (met him in person and am also friends with Alyssa as well) so I watch their weekly podcast. This week they were talking Pops with Cameron Duel from Funko (interesting in their own right) but deviated at the end for a few minutes to talk MondoCon and the guys from the NerdFu came on... (if you have no time for the 90 minutes skip to the 1:21:00 mark)