DigiPack Heaven's Gate (Blu-ray digipak 1000 pcs only) [Spain]

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Feb 4, 2011
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Release date : December 16th
Purchase link : amazon.es

Description of the product
Movie Criterion restored master VO subtitled in Castilian (216 minutes). DVD with 3 hours of extras
Documentary "Final Cut: The Making and unmaking of heaven's gate"
Michael Cimino Conference in 2014 Locarno Film Festival
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C.C. 95

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Sep 10, 2014
The Land, USA
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Pretty high price. The main thing that distinguishes it from the Criterion (other than language option and new packaging) is the inclusion of the 1 Hour 19 Minute Documentary "Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of HEAVEN'S GATE".
The documentary is viewable on YouTube.