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    I have never made a thread before so I'm new to this so please bear with me. :)

    My Ebay username is jmarie1318 :)
    Prices are negotiable so don't feel scared to ask. ALL USD but will ship all over.

    Anything you want pictures of let me know :)

    John Wick Novamedia Lenticular sealed. 70$
    John Wick Novamedia Quater slip open/mint 40$

    Zero Dark Thirty Plain Archive Paper slip 65$ sealed
    Zero Dark Thirty Amaray sealed 55$

    FilmArena T3 sealed Trade only

    Thor german steelbook from thor helmet collection. Sealed. 125$

    As above so below Fac
    Night crawler one click novamedia
    Guardians of the galaxy novamedia fullslip

    Thanks for taking a look ninjas!
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