USA Michaels Craft Store Black Friday Deals 2015

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Michaels Craft Store

Now like last year you may again ask why this is important given we are mainly a movie forum, well the reason (again) is many of us also collect posters (more than last year) and there are some very good deals this week if you are like me and want to custom frame your posters

Here are the black friday and weekend coupons, including a 50% off coupon for an item, so if you needed a cheap 24 x 36 pre-built frame this is the coupon you are looking for, alternatively there is the 70% coupon, this add says it is only on some frame collections but the online add shows it is valid for all custom frame jobs


If you go to the site there is the coupons button at the top, and if you select upcoming (though after today it will just be the current week) you will see the option for the 70% off


you wont find a better deal!
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