Nefilim's Arrow Collection

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Mar 6, 2013
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! Welcome to Nefilim's Arrow Collection !

Note : incoming : Arrow Deep Red !

:thumbs: Hope you like this collection :thumbs:


From left to right : Battle Royale limited edition box, time bandits steelbook, Big trouble in Little China steelbook, Demons and Demons 2 steelbook, Day of the Dead steelbook, Lifeforce steelbook, Zombi Flesh Eaters steelbook, Invasion of the Body Snatchers steelbook, the long good friday steelbook, Generation War amaray, Stalingrad amaray, The long Goodbye amaray, Phenomena slipcover, Inferno slipcover, Deep Red slipcover and Hellraiser I-III limited edition box with pin and postcard.

couple of more I missed : Videodrome limited box and King of New York steelbook


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