News Alert: Exclusive Scanavo Interview-Mondo X Steelbook Line!

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    UPDATE: Surprise titles revealed at Hidefninja Mondo Con booth B1 (Annie Hall) on Oct 3!

    Hello Ninjas!

    We're excited to share an exciting and exclusive interview courtesy of @tridon our Editor in Chief.

    Here you can learn about how the Mondo X line came to be and other cool insight.

    Please feel free to share comments after the article here

    If you can't make it to Mondo Con'15 where will be exhibiting and announcing exclusives and Steelbook news-please feel free to visit the dedicated Mondo Con'15 events forum here.

    To obtain all Steelbooks in the Mondo X line, please visit our Mondo X Steelbook forum, and one of our hosts can assist you in adding them to your collection. @biscuitnoir @apsmith21 @Drum18

    Thanks everyone for supporting, and stay tuned for more Mondo X exclusive news!

    HDN will also have the Total Recall and Nightcrawler Mondo SteelBooks
    on display at our booth.

    If you are on social media, we appreciate the support and retweet here

    @Wreck @apsmith21
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