Xavier's Firefly Collection :)

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Oct 22, 2011
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I know I am not that active anymore but I saw this and Really wanted to share what I have. This is most of my collection. I have another 3-4 serenity steels I still want to share but they are in a guest room where someone is sleeping :LOL:

Now for the top image here everything from Left to right.
Firefly:A Celebration (Anniversary Edition) Hardcover(Known to many as the ("Firefly bible")/A wizard world VIP pass for Summer and Ron/ Firefly complete series DVD/
Serinity German steelbook/ Firefly BD UK release with limited slipcover below it. Middle Firefly complete series Steelbook UK sealed/ Serenity Steelbook UK signed by Summer Glau / Lastly the bottom is yet another copy of the UK Firefly steelbook sign by
Morena Baccarin/ Inara
Summer Glau/River
Ron Glass/Shepherd
Alan Tudyk/ Wash
Adam Baldwin/ Jayne



This is autograph Project #2 that was started after the Firefly Steelbook


And this is Project #3 this was started at the same time as the poster this is located in the Firefly book.

12037969_10153576330776399_3378603886198496443_n.jpg 12032049_10153576330756399_1429090911203670742_n.jpg 12038210_10153576330691399_6740683251371555804_n.jpg 12065539_10153576330736399_3904458475614257799_n.jpg

This is just a smoking hot photo of Summer :) IMG_0309_zps86c1cd08.jpg

All in all I only need 4 more autographs for my firefly Steelbook. I will be adding Sean/ Simon to all 3 projects in November in Orlando.

I had hoped to add Jewel Staite/ Kaylee this weekend since she was in Nashville but due to a unforeseen severe allergic reaction I had Thursday I felt it best to rest and not travel.

Nathan Fillion is of course my most sought after actor of all time. Legit I have gotten tickets for him 3 times and he has always had to cancel last minute. However the last 2 years he has attended WW Chicago and Philly and not canceled so I hope to try him at one of those the next year.
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May 18, 2013
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Oct 22, 2011
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Thank yall so much for the comments and the likes!


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Aug 11, 2013
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Awesome autographs and collection, Xavior! BUMP!
I just got Nathon Fillion's autograph this August at the Chicago Comic Con. He was gracious and signs really well. Hope you are able to finally get his.


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Jan 17, 2014
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Wow just wow awesome collection for amazing show