More Blu-ray 2-Packs On The Way!

So far its been stated that on March 17th, 2009, Paramount will be releasing to retail more Blu-ray 2-packs.  If you dont know what a 2-pack is or what all the hype is about, then allow me to inform you.  Two movies, packed together, for $19.99!  However, some were 2 for $29.99.  So it will be interesting to see which of this list hit the sweet price point of 2 for $20!

Love Guru/Blades of Glory
Sahara/Failure to Launch
Sweeney Todd/Sleepy Hollow
Mission Impossible/M 1 & 2
Top Gun/Days of Thunder
Hustle & Flow/Black Snake Moan
Clear & Present Danger/Hunt for Red October

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