The Growth and Future of BD-Live

The potential impact of BD-Live — a sophisticated Blu-ray interactivity platform that transforms the entertainment experience from regular viewing to totally immersive interactivity.  There are currently more than 75 BD-Live titles movie titles available in the U.S. and many more making their way down the pipe.  There are 9 BD-Live capable player models out in the market today and 5 more have just been announced at CES 2009.  This means that when the PlayStation 3 is taken into account that more than 75% of the Blu-ray players sold in the U.S. are BD-Live ready.

Blu-ray disc, tho early in its evolution, is making great way with numerous companies and organizations working with the technology to enhance the consumer entertainment experience.  Andy Parsons, Chairman of the BDA Promotions Committee for the U.S., identified that Digital Copy and 3D tech was a good example of where this is happening.

Parsons was quoted as saying, “We are on growth path that will see Blu-ray enter the mainstream market in 2009 in the U.S.” Sounds to me like great reassuring news for those guys left on the edge of taking the Blu-ray plunge.  He concluded with, “Within the BDA we are working hard and diligently to make this technology available to the broadest community of entertainment enthusiasts.  We look forward to what will be a tremendously exciting and perhaps unprecedented time ahead of us.”

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