Body of Lies Gets Release Date and Special Features Announced

On February 17th,  BODY OF LIES will be hitting shelves in the oh-so-sexy Blu-ray case you have all become fond of.  I had the chance to see this while it was in theaters and it’s definitely a thrill ride and an overall good spy movie to add to your Blu collection.  Director Ridley Scott (AMERICAN GANGSTER, BLACK HAWK DOWN) doesn’t disappoint with lots of action as he weaves the story together seamlessly.

The CIA is on the hunt for the mastermind behind a wave of terrorist attacks.  Roger Ferris, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is the CIA’s man on the ground where as Ed Hoffman — played by Russell Crowe — is the CIA’s strategist pulling strings from thousands of miles away.  Tension between the two is beautifully portrayed as Ferris learns that trust on the ground is just as important and dangerous as it is to his survival.  This film was adapted by William Monahan (THE DEPARTED) from the David Ignatious novel.  It’s definitely got that edge appeal that THE DEPARTED had, so if your a fan of that movie, then I strongly suggest you give this one a watch or even a blind buy.

I have got a feeling that we’re going to be seeing a lot of these antagonistic terrorist type movies for a long time to come, especially in this generation.  Some may have been growing tired of the typical WWII / Vietnam War movies, but I got a feeling I will grow tired of these quicker than the latter.  Nevertheless, this was a good flick and I hold it in high regards much like THE KINGDOM as opposed to predictive repetitious movies like VANTAGE POINT. Albeit, kudos on the creative filming.

So if you have read this far, you’re probably wondering if this is release date news or a mini-review?  Fear not, here are your Blu-ray specs for this release.


No word on the audio track but obviously its 1080p.  This is a BD-Live release and the special features are listed below.

Commentary with Director Ridley Scott, screenwriter William Monahan, and author David Ignatious.
Actionable Intelligence : Deconstructing Body Of Lies (Explore pre-selected sequences from the film, through raw on-set footage, and interviews with the cast and crew of the movie) (Available as Focus Points during the film)

  • Uneasy Alliance: Ferris and Hoffman
  • The Color of Toast:  Costume and Production Design
  • Foreign Relations:  Ferris and Aisha
  • Safe Haven:  Morocco
  • Master of the Craft:  Ridley Scott
  • Controlled Hostility: Stunts and Special Effects
  • Field Operation:  Safe house
  • Field Operation:  The Terrible Room
  • Author Provocateur:  David Ignatius

Interactive Debriefing:  (Viewers can program interviews with Leonardio DiCaprio , Russel Crowe and Ridley Scott to be viewed by topic, participant or all.  A “play all” button will generate a virtual documentary on all topics)

  • Russel Crowe Story
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Story
  • Ridley Scott Story
  • Russel Crowe Collaboration
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Collaboration
  • Ridley Scott Collaboration
  • Russel Crowe Intelligence
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Intelligence
  • Ridley Scott Intelligence

Deleted Scenes : With optional commentary by Ridley Scott
Warner Bros : BD-Live
Digital Copy

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