More Denzel On The Way: Inside Man, The Siege and Out Of Time Make Way for Blu-ray!

One of our times most incredible actors is getting a nice influx of Blu-ray releases this spring/summer.  Inside Man will be the first released (May 26th) in the trio which I cant possibly say enough good things about. Denzel stars in this one opposite of up and coming superstar Clive Owen in a truly awesome flick. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to cop the blu! May 26th is looking more like Clive’s day what with the release of Children of Men as well.


No complete tech specs on this release besides a 1080p video presentation coupled with 5.1 DTS HD-Master Audio and the following special features.

Feature Commentary with Director Spike Lee
Deleted Scenes
The Making of Inside Man
Number 4

Next up for Denzelly, is “Out Of Time” releasing on June 2nd which also stars my future wife Eva Mendez … She just doesnt know it yet! 😉 I think I’m also forgetting someone, oh yeah, that superman guy … Dean Cain.  Hey, dont act like you never used to watch the show!  We haven’t received much of any tech specs on this yet but we’ll be sure to update when we do.  Obviously a 1080p video output and dolby surround are included.


And last but not least a week later on June 9th, Denzel appears in “The Seige” opposite of Annette Bening and across from Bruce “Yippe-Kay-yay” Willis!  This movie here will take you back, a sleeper to some and I dont mean “zzz” so check it out, here’s to hoping for a good transfer!  Audio should be sweet with the explosions!  Will update with Tech specs when in hand …or mail. :-p


Looking to pick up any of these films? Follow the link below! Enjoy! 🙂
Inside Man [Blu-ray]
Out of Time [Blu-ray]
The Siege [Blu-ray]

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