Is Lord of the Rings coming to Blu-ray? All signs point yes!!

Warner and New Line have been keeping the fans waiting for while, they have not mentioned much about Lord of the Rings in the past few months other than “we are working on it.” Recently Warner revealed its Warner Blu-ray Rewards in which you buy and register five (5) Blu-rays and you receive one (1) for free. The list is long with flims not yet release on Blu-ray along the films previously released and one thing capture the eye of many, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is shown at the bottom. This of course set the Internet on frenzy you had fans from all over asking the same question, when will LOTR will be out on Blu-ray?

Surfing through the net checking out several sites and doing some reading, I stumbled on one more sign that this could in fact real. Amazon has now listed LOTR on their site and has gone as far as pricing and leaving another tease, the box art. So I leave it to you guys to decide whether this is another indication that it will be out this year or not, if New Line/Warner decide to give us LOTR I am willing to bet that it will not be any earlier than November/December time frame. Also, Amazon is listing these as the theatrical versions which I am sure has some fans upset. Treat this as a rumor there’s nothing official until the studio announces the release.

Keep in mind all these signs can’t be a coincidence. 🙂


Here’s the Amazon listing! Enjoy! 🙂
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Theatrical Editions) [Blu-ray]