License To Kill & The Man With The Golden Gun Release Next Week : Some Small SteelBook Information & Prize Give-Away

Next week on May 12th the next two James Bond installments will make Blu-ray releases.  “License To Kill” and “The Man With The Golden Gun”.  Many Blu-ray SteelBook collectors have had the chance to pick up the first 6 as Best Buy exclusives in the USA or Future Shop Exclusives in Canada.  The last three to release were exclusives.  These two have currently had no information as to whether they would get the Blu-ray SteelBook treatment and have left many internet go’ers frankly pissed.  With that being said, we contacted MGM who happened to tell us what we expected to hear which was “This wasn’t up to them and is entirely up to the retailers if they so choose to make them SteelBooks.” 


Ofcourse we then contacted Best Buy and got the normal horse shoe run around that you could expect when not speaking to a true decision maker in the matter.

So, it doesnt look likely that there will be SteelBook additions to these titles unless they are holding off on a bigger wave of titles to press up at SteelBook … perhaps when the next Bond films release?

In any case, for those of you who dont give a damn about a tin case then bask in the joy of the two films releasing on Tuesday in the states and pick them up or place your preorder with the link below!

Licence to Kill [Blu-ray]
The Man with the Golden Gun [Blu-ray]

In celebration of James Bond … Mr. Double o’ Seven himself we are giving out a Quantum Of Solace collectors edition  playstation 3 video game to a random user.  To be eligible in this drawing, just simply leave a comment to this news article!  Good Luck!


Winner will be chosen on Sunday so all comments need to be in by midnight eastern Saturday!

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