Warner Preparing 3 Catalog Titles!

Warner has revealed they plan to release 3 catalog titles Contact, Ghost Ship, and Number 23 on October 6th. Currently there are not technical specifications for any of the 3 titles, but they all have plenty of supplements!

Discs Features

  • 3 Audio Commentaries: 1 by Jodie Foster following by Director Robert Zemeckis  & Producer Steve Starkey & the last audio commentary by Ken Ralston & Stephen Rosenbaum from Visual Effects
  • Behind The Story
  • 5 Featurettes: “The Making of the Opening Shot,” “The Making of the NASA Machine Destruction,” “The Making of the Harrier Landing,” “The High Speed Composition Reel” & “Machine Fly By”
  • Hadden’s Plane
  • NASA Control Room
  • Extras
  • 5.1 Music Only Track


Ghost Ship
Discs Features

  • 2 Featurettes: “Secrets of the Antonio Graza”  & “Visual Effects”
  • A Closer Look At The Gore
  • Designing The Ghost Ship
  • Max On The Set: Ghost Ship
  • Club Reel: Not Falling
  • Theatrical Trailer


Number 23
Discs Features

  • Introduction
  • Calculating Your Number
  • Number Summaries
  • 14 Addition Scenes
  • Alternate Ending
  • Alternate Opening
  • How To Do Your Numbers
  • Audio Commentary: Director Joel Schumacher
  • 3 Featurettes: “Creating the World of Fingerling,” “Making of The Number 23” & “The 23 Enigma”
  • Theatrical Trailer


Here’s the Amazon pre-order link for Contact if you are interested! Enjoy!
Contact [Blu-ray]