The Proposal Blu-ray Review

Here, gimme that. Whoops, 5 second rule! – Andrew Paxton

theproposalDistributor: WDSHE (Disney)
Studio: Touchstone Home Ent.
Runtime: 108 Minutes
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Director: Anne Fletcher
Video: 1080p/MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
Portuguese: Dolby Digital 5.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
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Ironically, the macho in me would sit on my right shoulder and tell you how much this movie sucks. However the softy in me would sit on my left and tell you how much of a warm, heartfelt, emotional, romantic-comedic ray of sunlight this film is. Well, maybe not that much. However, the honesty in me is here to make a confession. I dig romantic comedies. I mean lets face it, these movies are typically crafted in pure marketing genius. Hot lady, hot guy, (so I hear >< ) a blossoming relationship mixed with loads of comedic moments. Oh and lets not forget, the always happy ending! So what is the deciding factor between what’s hot and what’s a flop you ask? Simple, the script. That’s it! It’s already been plastered together for success and it just needs the magic remedy. Good writing! So case in point, does The Proposal propose a script of good writing? Yes, it does.

I understand where The Proposal may not be for everyone. For instance, thugs. Sorry gangsters no drive-bys in this one. Oh and perhaps horror nuts, not many late night slayings occurring! Well now that we got all that out the way, everyone else this is for you! On a more serious note, the film is very good and provides great character development early on that is more than amusing which a lot of folks can relate to. Couples will love a watch of this film for a movie night at the house. Also, as with most rom-coms they are often considered chick flicks as well so the females will be drawn to it especially with Ryan Reynolds. Guys, fear not as Sandra is still a nice piece of eye candy!

The humor in this movie is spread throughout at a nice pace. Overall this is a very fun film with some absolutely hilarious moments. Although they could never happen in real life they make for a great move watching experience. The entire plot of the possible deportation is a tad weak but strong performances from both lead actors and the supporting cast make up for it and thus it’s very eventful. The supporting cast has veterans like Betty White, Craig T. Nelson and Mary Steenburgen.

I’m not usually one to give an entire break down on the movie as I’m a strong believer in not spoiling the viewing experience. However, I’ll give insight in a non spoiling way on what this film is truly about. Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) works for a publishing house as the lead editor and scolds her co-workers with her my way or the highway management style, especially her overworked assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds). Suddenly, Margaret is threatened with deportation to her native country Canada because of an immigration technicality for flying illegally out of the country, the abrupt notion dawns on her to announce that she and Andrew are engaged to be married. Loyal Andrew agrees to go along with her scheme of course if his long-awaited promotion is granted.


Surprisingly I’m having a hard time believing that many people have snubbed their noses at the PQ of this disc. Sure, no one said it was bad or horrible but this disc has a beautiful transfer and is a lot better than what most have made it out to be. The Proposal comes with a 1080p/AVC transfer and even the extras are in HD. The alternate ending was supposed to be the original ending and with that being said it too is in HD. Funny though, they left in the green screens in the background which I thought was pretty cool. The movie provides some gorgeous scenery especially around the coast of the supposed Sitka, Alaska. Perhaps it wasn’t shot in Alaska but that is where the movie takes place for the most part. It could very well be Alaska, but I’m doubtful.

By no means is their any over saturation and the picture is very vibrant throughout. There is alot of cool warm colors that resonate through the film. Also, no instances of grain for all my wheat haters. :p The film did very well in global box office revenues and the Blu-ray disc has been given just as much attention. Blu-ray fans, collectors, and consumers have become very accustomed to the picture quality that Disney has brought forth in their titles and I’m here to tell you that this one is no different.


Wowzers, The Proposal Blu-ray boasts a DTS-HD Master 5.1 Audio track that absolutely outstanding in the reproduction of dialogue. It’s very close to our 5 disc rating. You can tell there has been fine attention to detail. The only thing that is lackluster is the usage of your bass. However, that’s just typical in chick flicks and rom-coms in the sense that its not an action movie. The movie produces great clarity and usage of your rears in the boat scenes. The musical scores in the background are crisp and fit then mood and tone of the movie to excellence. Background noises and sound effects are perfectly on cue and add a high sense of realism of each scene. I challenge any other to find an audio track as blissful as this one on a flick in the same genre. Thumbs up to Disney!

Come to think of it, the bass is used pretty well in the scene around the camp fire in the woods. The dance where Gammy is praying to the spirits is a funny scene in deed. Other than that, its not at work very much due to the films genre.


Walt Disney Home Entertainment releases The Proposal with a decent set of bonus material, all presented in HD, with a Digital Copy of the film also included on a separate disc.

Audio Commentary:
Director Anne Fletcher and screenwriter Peter Chiarelli voice this mediocre commentary track.

Set Antics:
Outtakes and Other Absurdities from ‘The Proposal’ (7 min)
Non-surprisingly Ryan Reynolds steals the show and makes this mildly entertaining.

Alternate Ending (7 min)
Wow, if this would have stayed as the theatrical cut ending I got a feeling the film wouldn’t have done half as good as it did. Sure the movie had some crazy moments but this one took the dive head first into the deep end. I’m very glad this ending wasn’t chosen.

Deleted Scenes:
Seems like they had to cut some stuff out and thus these were the scenes. I’m glad they cut the scene out with Andrew (Reynolds) ex-girlfriend as I found her rather annoying. Oh let me rephrase that, I find her annoying in everything she is in.


Fortunately for the viewers they casted Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, because it was solely them who made this predictable film worthwhile. Ryan and Sandra hit their parts to a tee and had great on set chemistry to really sell this plot over. That being said, that is what made the movie a nice flick to watch with the wifey. As for its transfer to blu-ray, it’s immaculate. The audio track is of high quality and clarity even though your bass will snooze throughout. The video transfer is stunning and captures every essence of the film. Throw in a nice bit of special features that are rather enjoyable and you can see why this disc garners the rating it has received here at BRC. Overall, Walt Disney Home Entertainment brings a fantastic transfer to Blu-ray. Fans of the film can fear not when making their purchase and folks who only see themselves watching this once every few years can feel comfortable with a rent. A truly fun film and experience, recommended.

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