Sony brings FIFA 2010 to Blu Ray 3D!

Are you into soccer? It doesn’t matter, really, even I’m not. But this bit of news is exciting even if you think ‘FIFA’ is a girl from the Bahamas. Especially if it was… *grin*

With the FIFA World Cup 2010 ready to explode into living rooms across the world next year, Sony and FIFA have come together to make it a lot more explosive.  With Panasonic and Sony showing off their 3D TV muscle a couple of months back, LG last week, and Sky promising 3D channels by 2010, Sony has announced that the 2010 World Cup will be the first to be shown in 3D.


The idea is to shoot 25 of the matches in 3D, and then to produce an exclusive 3D film as well. And, no prizes for guessing that all that juicy 3D content will find its way into the good ole’ Blu Ray disc. This also means Sony’s VAIO laptops and their Blu Ray drives, Sony Blu Ray players, and via firmware updates, PS3s and PS3 Slims are all gonna get bumped up into the 3D portfolio. Don’t believe me? Hear out Fujio Nishida, president, Sony Europe, “At Sony, the 3D entertainment experience will not only focus on the 3D TV alone, but from 2010 will also encompass a range of 3D compatible products such as Blu-ray Disc players, VAIO notebook computers and PlayStation 3“. See?

With 6 months to go for the event in South Africa, it’s up to Sony to get the standards in place for the nascent 3D industry. With that taken care of, get ready to start respecting television all over again. To quote Nishida’s understatement, “3D will undoubtedly transform the way we enjoy content in the Living Room.

Yeah, you bet.