AMD jumps on the 3D Blu Ray PC bandwagon!

Every gamer worth his “final-level boss fights” knows who NVIDIA and ATI are. For the uninitiated, they’re the Coke and Pepsi of the graphics card wars., or rather, they were. Because not so long ago, AMD (the Pepsi to Intel’s Coke, remember?) acquired ATI, and became the Pepsi of two worlds – graphics cards, and processors. ‘Nuff tech said.

The news, however, is that AMD is doing exactly what NVIDIA promised yesterday. Yep, Blu Ray 3D for your PC. While NVIDIA has developed its own NVIDIA 3D Vision software package, AMD has tied up with CyberLink (of PowerDVD fame) to get the software part in place.


The standards, naturally will be different, but both based on the same Blu Ray stereoscopic 3D technology. To quote CyberLink’s CEO, Alice Chang,  from the joint press release at which the news was announced,

“With the addition of stereoscopic 3D support for the next generation of Blu-ray discs, we’re ready to bring consumers an incredible new entertainment experience in the coming year.”

She went on to add that their preview with AMD at the CES would be “a  taste for what’s in store.”

While Cyberlink called AMD a “a valued partner” for developing hardware that’s optimized to Cyberlink’s AV software, there’s still no news on which other partners will join them, if at all.

At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), you can expect to see both of them duking it out like teen gamers at CounterStrike, for the right to sell 3D Blu Ray tech to you. Ah, such a beautiful world.