Panasonic’s complete 3D Blu Ray solution!

CES 2010 was Panasonic’s time in the 3D limelight, and deservedly so. Having come up with the first 3D screens by end-2009, the Japanese electronics giant was all gung-ho, and so are we, about their latest 3D Blu Ray offering –  A complete set that includes a 3D Blu Ray player (duh), video camera, a 3D HDTV and a pair of 3D glasses. In other words, you can just go out and get the whole bundle, instead of worrying about such things as “what pair of glasses goes with what player goes with what TV, again?”

The player itself needs special mention – the Panasonic DMP-BDT350 is Panasonic’s gladiator in the 3D Blu Ray arena, and comes loadedwith 7.1 lossless audio, and supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD formats. Of course it can play back 3D Blu Ray at 1080p, and of course it can upscale anything to 1080p , and play DVDs and CDs. Though, honestly, if you’re someone who can’t wait to get your hands on this, I don’t see the point with CDs at least… hmm.

The player also is BD-Live capable, and uses Adaptive Chroma Upsampling to retain the color palette perfectly.

As for the 3D Plasma TV up Panasonic’s sleeve, the Full HD 3D VIERA, this Consumer Electronics Association’s “Innovation of the Year” is THX certified, comes in sizes from 50″ to 65″, and loaded with all the features that Panasonic’s high-end 2D plasmas sport. VIERA CAST allows Netflix support, Fox Sports and Skype calls. The prices for these are yet to be announced, but Panasonic tries to make you feel better about your money spent by guaranteeing that the TVs will last around 30 years at 8 hours a day of viewing.

And, they come with those sleek glasses you see in the picture. Yes, sleek, so that 3D glasses look like glasses and not  like half a moronic VR headset. And these active shutter glasses are easy to wear, even over normal glasses.