Watch Action-Packed “The Gauntlet” Soon on Blu-ray

Clint Eastwood fans are in for a visual treat this June as you will soon get to see the trigger frenzied action thriller “The Gauntlet” on blu-ray. Warner Bros. has announced that this disc is all set to hit stores on the 1st of June.

The lead role has Clint Eastwood playing a cop, albeit an alcoholic. He has been ordered to provide security and act as an escort to a call girl (played by Sondra Locke) while they travel to Phoenix for her to testify in an important trial. As is expected, you will see them both trying to outsmart, outrun and not to forget come out in one piece from all that gun play. All this happens when these two slowly start falling for each other. But, will the cop come out with flying colors?

Enjoy the movie although you will have to wait a bit more to know about the special features on the disc.