Director’s Cut to be Added to ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’

In a measure to add to the collection of the ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’ at the box office, an exclusive director’s cut is considered to be released. The movie is still running in theaters. Paramount is looking forward for this thing to finalize by early next week so that the movie goers can watch the updated version in theaters while the movie would be in its third weekend after the release.

This new idea is to target the female fans of Bieber to go and watch the movie in theaters again. Bieber’s team along with the director Jon M. Chu is touring Europe to premiere ‘Never Say Never’ in Paris and London. Chu is expected to be back by weekend and will resume his work on this special addition.

Paramount will have to resubmit the movie to the ratings board to get the rating on the new scenes. The insiders seem not happy with the decision as the logistics arrangement is complex and this additional director’s cut could have been easily released with the movie’s web and DVD version.

If the director’s cut is released, it will be most likely only for the 3D runs as the cost associated with its print is nominal. The movie was released to 3105 theaters which included 2516 3D runs.

‘Never Say Never’ collected more than expected $29.5 million in its debut but it is likely that the movie might face a steep drop too.