Juliette Binoche-Robert Pattison to Pair in Croneberg’s Cosmopolis

Based on the famous novella Cosmopolis penned by Don Delillo, the movie seems to have caught the limelight again by some of its unusual casting. The movie is the directorial venture of the award winning director David Croneberg and has been much in the news right from its announcement. Besides the approval of Mathieu Almaric and Paul Giametti, the latest addition in the tree is the French Actress Juliette Binoche. The rumors are in the air that she will be seen opposite Robert Pattison.

Pattison will be playing the role of a young billionaire who in his limo is traveling round Manhattan. During his ride across Manhattan, he loses all his fortunes and is intrigued by unusual and mysterious events. Juliette is likely to be roped for the character of protagonist’s wife, though it has come as strange news. Initially the news was of pairing up Colin Farell and Marion Cotillard for the role which is bagged by Pattison and Binoche respectively.

The pairing of 24 year old Pattison and 46 year old Binoche has come as a very unusual decision from the part of the director and has left the people wondering. The novel Cosmopolis was a thrilling work of art and so are the expectations with the movie as well. There is no doubt about the talent of the director, David Croneberg and the hopes are that he will give a perfect celluloid structure to this fictional work and do complete justice to it. The eyes are also set on Pattison if he will be able to free himself from the shackles of Twilight’s image and rise as an actor?