Hallie Steinfield: A Talented Young Actor

The print version of Charles Portis 1968 novel The True Grit has been given a celluloid form by the Coen Brothers in their theatrical venture. There are rare cases when a 14 year old girl is nominated for Oscars in her first film itself.  Hailee Steinfield has marked her debut with this movie but her acting skills have left everyone wondering if this was her first film. She has done the fabulous job while sharing screen with the industry giants like Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

The young actor is next signed by Paramount to feature in the theatrical version of Cat Patrick’s forthcoming novel, ‘Forgotten’. Like her first movie, she will be playing the challenging role of a young girl is an intriguing plot. It will be interesting to watch if she is able to reach the zenith like her first movie.

In ‘True Grit’, Steinfield portrayed the role of a 14 year old girl Mattie who is set on a journey to avenge her father’s death. She takes the help of the alcoholic marshal Rooster Coghurn (Bridges) who is always ready to trigger his gun. They are later joined by LaBoeuf (Damon) and team up to fight with Chaney, the murderer of Mattie’s father. On the journey to Indian Territory to meet Chaney, Coghurn and LaBoeuf indulge themselves into tussles which are resolved by the most sensible person of the troop, 14 year old Mattie.

‘True Grit’ is a pleasurable cinematic experience and the awesome acting of young Steinfield serves as the icing on the cake.