Old man’s War: Wolfgang Peterson’s Latest Venture

Wolfgang Peterson is all set to attempt his next movie with his favorite epic genre. Throwing a glance at his earlier creations, there is a little doubt about the grandness in his style. His past movies like ‘Troy’ and ‘Air Force One’ carried the epic tones and were given a grand treatment. He has occupied the job of director for the movie ‘Old Man’s War’. It is planned to be penned by David Self. The movie will be an adapted version of the novel by John Scalzi

Peterson will leave no stone unturned to make this epic venture a grand success. Scott Stuber will be producing this movie under the production house of Stuber Pictures. The movie theme is a bit unreal and revolves around the story of a 75 year old who wants to be young forever. He genetically modifies his body in such a way that he will possess the strength of a youth. He becomes a part of an outer space mission set to protect the human colonies. He injures himself in a combat and is rescued by a special security officer.

The story takes a new turn when the officer appears to be the younger version of his own wife. There are many doubts arising in his mind but he convinces himself somehow that the officer is his wife. He is ready to undergo any challenging situations to be with the officer or his wife.

It is a strange subject; however, it will be worth watching how Peterson deals with the theme of ‘Old Man’s War’.